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Crypto Industry Launches Crypto Aid Israel Amid Ongoing Conflict

In the midst of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the cryptocurrency industry has mobilized to offer assistance to those most affected by the attacks. A collective of blockchain and Web3 companies have come together to establish “Crypto Aid Israel” with the aim of using digital assets to provide relief to those impacted on the ground.


Blockchain and Web3 Companies Unite


Over a dozen Web3 firms, including Fireblocks, MarketAcross, and CryptoJungle, have rallied behind this initiative. Collider Ventures, Zengo, and Blockchain B7 are also actively participating. This coalition represents a diverse range of businesses operating within the blockchain sector. The crypto community is urged to contribute and show their support by donating in their preferred digital currencies, such as BTC, ETH, USDC, or USDT.


Israel’s Vibrant Crypto Hub


Israel, particularly its tech hub in Tel Aviv, is known for its vibrant crypto innovation landscape. The country is home to a multitude of blockchain startups and organizations like the Israeli Blockchain Association, which aims to educate the public about all things crypto. Now, the region that has significantly contributed to the crypto industry is on the receiving end, with Crypto Aid Israel dedicated to providing direct financial assistance to citizens displaced by the ongoing conflict.


Addressing the Impact of Surprise Attacks


Hamas’ surprise attacks have led to extensive casualties, destruction, and displacement, with many civilians forced to seek safety. Numerous individuals have lost their homes and possessions in the process. Providing aid to those Israelis compelled to leave their residences and find refuge elsewhere is a way to alleviate the effects of the ongoing conflict. To ensure the accountable and efficient use of donations, Crypto Aid Israel has established a set of multisig wallets to manage the funds, with over $75,000 donated as of the current update.


Crypto Industry’s Philanthropic History


The crypto industry has a noteworthy history of philanthropy and has previously united to support humanitarian causes, including the conflict in Ukraine. Some of the industry’s earliest pioneers have accumulated substantial wealth over the years due to the increasing value of digital assets since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009. A considerable number of these individuals have chosen to give back by contributing to charitable causes close to their hearts. The crypto community has further rallied behind these efforts, with hundreds of thousands of smaller donations pouring in.


Borderless Crypto for Fundraising


Cryptocurrency is often described as “borderless” money due to its ability to flow across blockchain networks without geographical constraints. This characteristic makes it an ideal tool for fundraising, enabling donors from around the world to participate. In an era of globalization, conflicts like the Israel-Hamas war resonate with people worldwide. The opportunity to provide aid, even from a distance, empowers individuals to make a tangible impact despite the battle zone being thousands of miles away.


Addressing Illicit Use of Cryptocurrency


While cryptocurrency transactions are borderless and irreversible, the flow of digital assets can still be disrupted when used for illegal purposes. Israel’s Lahav 433 cyber unit within the police force took action by shutting down 433 cryptocurrency accounts linked to Hamas. This action was made possible because the terrorist group had been using a centralized exchange, Binance, to funnel funds. Cooperation from the exchange played a vital role in closing these accounts, preventing the diversion of funds for further attacks.




The creation of Crypto Aid Israel by the cryptocurrency industry demonstrates the sector’s capacity to rally for humanitarian causes during times of crisis. The initiative provides a way for the global crypto community to support those affected by the conflict in Israel, reflecting the borderless and empathetic nature of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, it underscores the industry’s commitment to philanthropy and the use of blockchain technology for social good, even as it continues to evolve and expand.

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