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Sandbox and Drecom Forge “Dynamic” Partnership to Redefine Web3

The prominent metaverse platform, Sandbox, has unveiled an impactful collaboration with Drecom. This announcement was made via a post on their X account (formerly Twitter), showcasing their intent to broaden the horizons of the web3 universe. The partnership, deemed a “dynamic” alliance, is poised to reshape the landscape of web3. A key aspect of this collaboration involves Drecom, the developer behind the popular game “Wizardry,” introducing “Eternal Crypt-Wizardry BC” into the blockchain sphere.

A New Era for Web3

Sandbox has described this partnership as a pivotal step forward, and it holds the potential to reposition Sandbox as a significant force in the web3 arena. In recent times, Sandbox has been diligently working on initiatives to onboard more users into the web3 ecosystem. These efforts have propelled Sandbox into the ranks of prominent organizations within the industry.


Earlier this year, in February 2023, Sandbox had already announced a collaborative venture with Zeptolab. At the time, the objective was to create and sustain novel web3 experiences for users. Now, through this partnership with Drecom, Sandbox is further amplifying its mission to encourage mass adoption of web3 technology.

Voices from the Partnership

Executives from both Sandbox and Drecom have shared their perspectives on this groundbreaking partnership. Yuki Naito, the representative and director of Eternal Crypt – Wizardry BC at Drecom, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration. Naito highlighted the potential of this partnership in expanding the reach of Eternal Crypt – Wizardry BC to a broader audience. He also emphasized Drecom’s intentions to leverage Sandbox’s global success in the web3 space and contribute to its ongoing endeavors.

Sebastien Borget, the COO and Co-founder of Sandbox, provided further insights into this alliance. Borget characterized Drecom as a leading game developer within the Japanese market and conveyed Sandbox’s willingness to support Drecom in expanding its existing game franchise. Additionally, Borget revealed that Sandbox’s commitment to Drecom extends to assisting the firm in its endeavors to produce more blockchain-based games.


The collaboration between Sandbox and Drecom signifies a significant milestone in the ever-evolving web3 landscape. As these two industry leaders unite their strengths, the potential for redefining web3 experiences and fostering mass adoption becomes increasingly promising. The positive sentiments expressed by both Yuki Naito and Sebastien Borget underscore the enthusiasm and determination surrounding this partnership. The broader web3 community can eagerly anticipate the innovations and transformations that may arise from this “dynamic” alliance in the near future.

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