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DeFi Crypto Meme Kong Launched on the Ethereum blockchain

Most meme tokens do not have the features that Meme Kong has to offer investors. Meme Kong is an ERC-20 (Ethereum) coin. Decentralized finance (DeFi) coin $MKONG was launched on February 2, 2022, and has a fully doxxed team with the goal of creating a secure product that investors can trust.

Meme Kong creator Chris Thomann, who has been extensively doxxed, began his career on Wall Street when he was only 20 years old. The finance and medical industries were added quickly. Right now, Chris is the proud owner of a number of medical clinics and a FinTech business venture. He brings a wealth of experience in venture capital to Crypto and Meme Kong.

Two Project Managers, Erik Garza from the US and Ben Pickett from the UK, are also part of Meme Kong. They’ve been friends for more than two decades, Erik Garza and Chris. In addition to his work in the healthcare and insurance industries, Erik has also achieved success. Ben is an asset to the team because of his extensive connections in the high-end hotel industry and his ability to build bridges amongst people.

Meme Kong has tokenomics of 9% on both purchases and sales. Of the entire supply of 200 million, 42.5% was locked up for staking and exchange listing at launch. With a total quantity of 100 million tokens now in circulation, Meme Kong has an ICO liquidity of six digits.

$MKONG, in contrast to most other meme tokens, has a roadmap that is separated into four sections. The first phase focuses on promoting the idea after its introduction in order to attract investors. Influencers and celebrities from the well-connected team have already begun working on social media marketing campaigns for the company.

A CertiK audit, the top standard in cryptocurrency audits, is also completed in phase 1. There will be an NFT Marketplace, $MKONG staking, and goods development as part of Phase 2 of our program. In the third phase, $MKONG tokens will be available on exchanges, and a launchpad will be developed with three tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The team is committed to offering a launchpad experience unlike any other, unlike others that potentially fail because of developer inexperience. It will be revealed in the final stage that the Lootverse, one of the most complex Metaverses in construction to date, would include an interactive play to win battle between Rulers over territory in the Lootverse.

An important part of Meme Kong’s purpose is to create an environment where investors may feel secure about their investments. Meme Kong’s voice chat on Telegram is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so anybody may join and ask any queries they might have.

It is the team’s intention that this project would establish a precedent for how meme initiatives can work with complete transparency and actual usefulness, having seen firsthand the viral effect of cryptocurrency frauds. When you’re looking for all the characteristics of a token project in one King Kong-sized token that’s also trustworthy, you’ll find it here.

“The days of anonymity with no responsibility are past in our arena,” says Project Manager Erik Garza.

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