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Earn BNB Crypto Token Every Hour Irrespective of Wallet Size

The $COQ token is the foremost to allow holders to vote on whether to increase or decrease taxes and dividend rates in order to benefit from pool objectives, investor sentiment, or even other occurrences. To earn BNBs on a hourly basis and vote, users must have a minimum of 1 million $COQ tokens in their wallet.

$COQ is among the latest generation of Defi tokens that include a Dynamic Reflection Token(DRT) system that rewards holders. These latest tokens safeguard investors from whale exploitation, guaranteeing an egalitarian environment where everybody, irrespective of wallet size, has an equal opportunity to reap profits.

Numerous cryptocurrency groups have praised $COQ as the most profitable and innovative Reflection Token available. Crypto fans need just link their wallets to acquire and HODL $COQ in order to get further BNB dividends in perpetuity. The CoqView decentralised application enables users to compute and monitor their BNB payout depending on their $COQ token ownership, as well as forecast their next dividend instantaneously.

$COQ combines sophisticated trading algorithms and DeFi protocols to vigorously and reliably generate BNB rewards. BNB dividends are generated by a variety of novel tactics, including stake lending (COQ-FARM), internal automated trading systems (COQ-ATS), and DEX Transactions (COQ-SWAP).

Additionally, BNB is generated via DEX and CEX pairing activities on leading exchanges like as Binance, Gate.io, and KuCoin, among others. Furthermore, investors in cryptocurrency and DeFi on the multi-functional platform earn hefty BNB dividends as a result of the venture’s marketing across different social media platforms.

The project has a novel reward reflection concept that ensures holders earn passive income in BNB whenever they buy, sell, or transfer $COQ coins. Users must presently have a minimum of $10 million $COQ to qualify for rewards, however the community may vote to increase or decrease the tax and dividend rates at any moment.

The BNB returns are instantly deposited into the wallets of token holders. $COQ utilizes superior reflective tokenomics with the goal of developing a rapidly increasing community and allowing holders to become BNB-wealthy in perpetuity. All trades are subject to a 15% tax, with 10% of fees going straight to $COQ coin holders, enabling them to generate passive revenue just by HOLDing.

Meanwhile, 1% of transaction fees are used to increase $COQ liquidity by strengthening the token’s price floor and so mitigating price swings. 1% flows to the burn wallet, which eliminates tokens from circulation in order to extend the supply and generate demand.

Additionally, the $COQ initiative employs a totally transparent methodology that guards against market manipulation by large institutional investors. To do this, the protocol limits $COQ token sales to less than 0.1 percent of the entire supply and imposes an additional 2% fee on any non-buy transactions.

This method discourages whales from selling their coins during the price discovery period, allowing $COQ to achieve its full moonshot ability. Additionally, it mitigates swing trading and minimizes arbitrage on sell trades.

The anti-whale dumping system takes investor protection a step further by limiting the maximum amount that any wallet may retain to 1% of the total supply. An extra 2% of all transactions is dedicated to active $COQ evangelizing and community giveaways in order to sustain long-term buzz around the project.

Apart from developing the next generation of yield-generating contracts on BSC, the $COQ team intends to launch an intriguing NFT series and fresh tokens on the Ethereum network. The NFT collection seamlessly integrates into the $COQ ecosystem, providing crypto enthusiasts with more alternatives and a memorable experience.

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