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Metaverse GameFi Spirit Land Debuts on Binance NFT

On Binance NFT Marketplace, Spirit Land, a multiplayer on-chain Metaverse SLG game, made its debut. The initial tranche of 1,000 distinct collectible NFTs got sold in less than two minutes and thirteen seconds.

As per the official introduction, well before game begins, an aggregatel of 10,000 NFTs based on the Binance Smart Chain will be auctioned. The issued NFTs will serve as collectibles, in addition to the commencement of NFT stake mining in January 2022. These NFTs may eventually be utilized in-game.

Additionally, NFT holders may share an additional 20% of the royalties earned by other participants trading on the official NFT market. The Spirit Land game is divided into two sections: farming and card battles. Players may engage in farming by contributing to liquidity, and by maintaining the farm, they can earn Spirit Functional Fruits that can be utilised to purchase NFT mystery boxes.

Following a series of NFT bouts, those who achieve the season’s top ranking will receive more sophisticated prizes. The Spirit Land gitbook details the game’s history and future intentions. After the formal debut of version 1.0 in the second quarter of 2022, trial on a brand-new version of Metaverse is anticipated to begin in the third quarter.

Players may join various camps, create, develop, battle, make alliances, and interact in this Spirit Metaverse. Numerous new features and gameplay will provide an engaging experience for gamers.

As a new release, some within the industry believe spirit land has tremendous potential, not only because of its adorable layout and unique spirit concepts, but also because it is entirely DAO-based, with all money coming via play2earn. Thus, it will demonstrate its abilities in the sphere of Metaverse.

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