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Enhancing AI Governance: Casper Labs and IBM Consulting Collaborate on Blockchain Solution

Casper Labs, a leading enterprise blockchain software and services provider, has joined forces with IBM Consulting to empower clients in harnessing the potential of blockchain technology for achieving heightened transparency and auditability within their AI systems. The collaboration aims to develop a groundbreaking solution, rooted in blockchain and utilizing IBM watsonx.governance. This solution is designed to establish an additional layer of analytics and policy enforcement, specifically tailored for governing AI training data across diverse organizational landscapes.


Enhancing Transparency in AI Development Across Organizations


The collaborative effort addresses the intricate process of training, developing, and deploying generative AI models, which spans various organizations involved in the lifecycle – from the original model creator to the ultimate end-user organization. Through the integration of new data sets or modifications to models, organizations experience changes in outputs, necessitating the ability to track, audit, diagnose, and remediate issues effectively. The proposed solution built on Casper, a tamper-resistant and highly serialized ledger, coupled with IBM watsonx.governance and watsonx.ai, aims to provide organizations with the tools to monitor and measure serialized input and output data for training generative AI systems.


Blockchain’s Role in Ensuring Data Integrity and Security


Blockchain technology, with its tamper-resistant nature, becomes a vital component in ensuring data integrity and security. The ledger, embedded in the Casper Blockchain, serves as a documentation tool, allowing organizations to share trusted context information through metadata. This documentation verifies that the AI models have undergone changes while mitigating the risk of intellectual property infringement and unnecessary data sharing across organizational boundaries.


The hybrid nature and permissioning system of the Casper Blockchain provide organizations with enhanced control over access to sensitive data, protecting it from external threats. The solution is also set to support version control through blockchain serialization, offering organizations the flexibility to revert to previous iterations of an AI system in the face of performance issues or biased outputs.


Collaborative Development and Expected Availability


Casper Labs and IBM Consulting, with their combined expertise, plan to bring this innovative solution to clients in beta by the first quarter of 2024. Following the beta phase, the solution will be made broadly available through various channels and on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.


Shyam Nagarajan, Global Partner, Blockchain and Responsible AI Leader at IBM Consulting, emphasized the critical role of governance in the effectiveness of AI systems, stating, “An AI system’s efficacy is ultimately as good as an organization’s ability to govern it.” He expressed pride in supporting Casper Labs to create a solution that adds a crucial layer for transparency and risk mitigation in large-scale AI deployments.


Facilitating Responsible AI Deployment at Scale


The collaborative solution envisions supporting companies across diverse industries, including financial services, healthcare, and retail, in deploying AI responsibly at scale within their technology and services ecosystems. Key features of the solution include:


Compliance Dashboard: A centralized tool for monitoring and managing AI systems, facilitating compliance with an organization’s ethical guidelines.


Quality Control Toolkit: Tools to monitor the quality and performance of AI systems, enhancing transparency and explainability of AI outputs.


Version Control: The ability to revert to previous iterations of AI systems, addressing performance or other issues efficiently.


Audit and Reporting System: A comprehensive system for auditing AI processes and generating detailed reports based on context metadata captured by Casper Labs’ ledger.


CEO Perspective and Future Implications


Mrinal Manohar, CEO at Casper Labs, acknowledged the transformative potential of generative AI but highlighted its limitations in monitoring and reacting to data feeding AI systems. With IBM’s assistance, the collaboration aims to provide a clearer path to understanding and remediating AI behavior, ensuring the long-term potential of AI is effectively harnessed.


In conclusion, the collaborative efforts of Casper Labs and IBM Consulting signal a significant step towards fostering transparency, trust, and responsible governance in the realm of AI. The innovative solution is poised to empower organizations to navigate the complexities of AI development, contributing to the realization of AI’s transformative potential in a responsible and secure manner.

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