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Forbes and Rarible Unveil Web3 Art Competition: A Global Showcase for Emerging Digital Artists

Forbes and Rarible have jointly launched their inaugural Web3 art competition, a strategic initiative aimed at elevating and spotlighting emerging digital artists in the evolving landscape of Web3. The competition gains additional prominence with the active participation of the leading NFT event, NFT.NYC, contributing a special prize to the contest’s winning pool.


“Empowering Emerging Artists: A Platform for Recognition and Global Exposure”


Central to Forbes’ foray into the burgeoning Web3 art community, the competition serves as a vital platform for small and emerging artists, offering them an opportunity to showcase their work and gain recognition in the digital art space. Taha Ahmed, Forbes Chief Growth Officer, expressed acknowledgment of the significant potential and talent within the art world and emphasized the collaborative effort with Rarible to recognize and highlight the unique contributions of emerging artists.


“Rarible’s Mission Expands: Nurturing Talent in the Digital Collectibles Arena”


Rarible, known for its commitment to empowering artists and creators, views the collaboration with Forbes as an expansion of its mission. Alex Salnikov, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Rarible, highlighted the initiative’s goal to bring the talent of emerging artists to the realm of digital collectibles. The collaboration aims to provide a platform where artists can build new communities and engage with royalty-awarding platforms like Rarible.


“Innovation and Artistry Celebration: Diverse Judging Panel and Open Call for Entries”


Conceived as a celebration of innovation and artistry, the competition invites submissions from creators and artists of all backgrounds, whether seasoned in digital art or newcomers to the Web3 space. The panel of judges, comprising respected founders, creators, and leaders in the Web3 community, includes notable figures such as Randi Zuckerberg, CEO, and Co-Founder of HUG; Debbie Soon, Chief Development Officer and Co-founder of HUG; and Brian Brinkman, digital pop artist, among others.


“Diverse Range of Prestigious Prizes: Recognition, Grants, and Digital Features”


The competition promises a diverse range of prestigious prizes for the winning entries, provided by Forbes, Rarible, NFT.NYC, and various other participating Web3 brands. Notable prizes include Rare Grants, with the top 10 winners receiving 1,000 MATIC each. Additional grants for the top three winners range from 500 to 3,000 MATIC, contributing to a total grant pool of 15,000 MATIC. Special prizes encompass Forbes recognition and feature, a prominent place on the Rarible homepage, digital collectibles, an X Space co-host invitation, and more. Furthermore, one fortunate winner’s artwork will be featured on an NFT.NYC 2024 digital twin ticket.


In conclusion, the Forbes and Rarible Web3 art competition stands as a global showcase for emerging digital artists, offering a unique opportunity for recognition, exposure, and prestigious prizes. The collaboration with NFT.NYC further amplifies the initiative’s impact, emphasizing the commitment to nurturing talent within the evolving realm of digital art.

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