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FC Barcelona Partners with Ownix to Create NFTs Reflecting Major Soccer Moments

The digital world is changing and developing in order to keep up with current trends, and FC Barcelona wants to be a cornerstone in the field of freshly-created digital assets (NFTs), a product that has sparked significant interest among collectors in the digital realm. FC Barcelona wants to be a standard in the field of newly-created digital assets (NFTs).

A new worldwide cooperation deal with Ownix, a premium marketplace for non-financial tokens (NFTs) based on the specifications of the Ethereum blockchain, a platform for exchanging data that cannot be altered or modified, has been struck as part of this approach.

This is a ground-breaking collaboration, with both institutions working together to transform Barça NFTs based on images and movies depicting important events from the Club’s history accessible to fans on their websites.

Fans will now be able to purchase and own cryptocurrencies that will recreate memorable blaugrana experiences all through the Club’s nearly 122-year historical past through numerous auctions that will take place all through the season, thanks to this partnership between FC Barcelona and Ownix. This partnership will provide a novel approach for the Club to attain its supporters from around the world.

Ownerix has signed a partnership agreement with FC Barcelona as portion of the Club’s worldwide growth plan and as portion of the Club’s continued commitment to explore alternative channels and modes to link with younger generations while also offering a better form of engaement with their fans across the globe.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets that are one-of-a-kind and cannot be altered. NFTs have been likened to works of art in the real world, according to some. There are some works of art that are original copies produced by the artist himself, which will have a value determined by the laws of supply and demand, and there are those that are not.

Even after these originals have been created, replicas may be manufactured; however, they will not have the same merit as the originals that have been inked by the artist. That’s why non-interchangeable assets are distinguished from fungible assets, which are assets that may be exchanged for one another if they are of equivalent value, such as exchanging one 50 euro note for another if they are both of equal worth.

NFTs operate on the blockchain technology, and each one is granted a digital authenticity certificate that cannot be altered, allowing for completely secure certification and tracking of the transaction. The Club will use famous events from its history to produce one-of-a-kind digital assets, which will then be made accessible for fans to collect as part of this new partnership.

Barça has a massive global following and is the leader in the digital sector, with more than 400 million followers across social media platforms. “The Club is constantly looking for new ways to connect with its fans, and we believe that the establishment of these NFTs represents an exceptional chance to continue expanding and consolidating the Barça brand by drawing special moments that have made Barça fans aspire and FC Barcelona a popular club on every standard.”

“With the rise in popularity of NFTs, we felt it was vital to provide collectors who are also Barça fans with the option to possess a piece of their Club’s history. This new and interesting asset class enables collectors to acquire items that were previously out of reach, and we are happy to be able to provide sports fans with a chance to be at the forefront of this trend. Our mission is to persuade clients to acquire NFTs, not because they are commercially valuable, but because they provide them with joy and satisfaction in their possession.”

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