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First Multi-Chain Staking Protocol Pegged to Meme Tokens to be Launched on BSC in Dec

$KIK, a cross-chain meme token, is set to emerge on the Binance smart chain in December, with a slew of features that will dominate the exchange market place. For meme token enthusiasts, Kikswap is the only exceptional trading and staking platform on BSC, providing a substantial multi-chain capability in the form of a substantial multi-chain infrastructure.

The marketplace for automated market maker cryptocurrency exchanges is a massive sector in itself, spanning several cryptocurrency protocols. Although most blockchains, in certain form or another, facilitate the sharing of information among their customer base.

Binance smart chain, just like rest of the key blockchains, has a long list of cryptocurrency exchanges on the platform, most likely owing to the increased transaction processing capability and efficiency of Binance smart chain. A number of Kikswap’s rivals are found on the Binance smart chain, including Panther Swap, Pancake Swap, Panda Swap, Jetswap, and many more.

A liquidity pool is a smart contract that keeps reserves for two or more tokens and enables anybody to deposit or withdraw money only in accordance with a set of criteria that are very strict.

The constant product equation x * y = k is an example of such a logic. When A and B are substituted for x and y, the result is a positive integer. To withdraw a specific quantity from Token A, you must first deposit a corresponding amount in Token B in order to maintain a specific k value even before fee is applied to the withdrawal.

As the initial multi-chain staking technology tied to meme tokens, Kikswap is making history. Because of the network’s use of multi-chain technology, its community members are allowed to stake any of their meme tokens on kikswap’s staking pools in the future. It will function as an effective staking token for any meme currencies that use a similar technique.

Every meme token will have a unique set of validators and delegators on the blockchain network, which will be determined by the community. While each have their own staking pools, where participants may stake KIK in exchange for incentives in the form of meme cryptocurrencies, they are not competing with one another.
Staking pool 1
Invest KIK to get reward in Shib
APR ≈ 107,310%

Staking pool 2
Invest KIK o get reward in Doge
APR ≈ 179,546%

Staking pool 3
Invest KIK to get rewards in KIK
APR ≈ 110,244.30%

Staking pool 4
Invest KIK to get reward in Akita
APR ≈ 110,244.30%

Kikswap provides its community members with a variety of fascinating NFTs. In order to provide high-quality NFTs, it blends Bep20 technology with the Binance smart chain. Its NFTs are classified into numerous groups depending on the frequency with which the character’s characteristics appear in the NFT. There is hence an establishment of a pyramid in which holders of uncommon NFTs are more equipped than their equivalents who possess common NFT characteristics. It is a cross-chain meme token and a spot trading system that allows you to purchase any meme token on the Binance Smart Chain that provides an automated liquidity protocol based on a “constant product formula.” It is built upon the Binance Smart Chain.

In each KkikSwap pair is maintained a pool of reserves consisting of two assets, in addition to offering liquidity for those two assets, all while maintaining the constant that the combination of reserves can never be exhausted. Aside from the use of a consistent product formula to guarantee technological complexity on the network, KIK is also a deflationary token as a result of the multi-layer purchasing back mechanisms that are built into the protocol.

Multiple functionalities are available on the network, including utility tokens, multi-chain staking and farming, and staking of NFTs over cross-chain networks. These features, as well as several more on the platform’s development pipeline, make it a viable spot trading exchange. Our objective is to provide a high-performance exchange that is at the center of the Binance smart-chain ecosystem.

Our associates and groups are united in our goal of providing top-quality service to the citizens of our community. The Kikswap community is an one giant family with a constantly changing schedule of activities. Third-party audits of our network guarantee that our community members are protected to the highest possible level. The company plans to provide a top notch exchange that will be located at the core of the Binance smart chain. The Kikswap community is a one giant group with a constantly changing schedule of activities.

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