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Fliggs Mobile and T-Mobile Forge Path to Web3 Mass Adoption

In a strategic partnership with T-Mobile, Fliggs Mobile is positioning itself as the pioneering all-digital Web 3 Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Their shared mission revolves around making the mobile service provider a central catalyst for widespread Web 3 adoption. Through a holistic approach, Fliggs Mobile incorporates a non-custodial wallet into its mobile application, introduces what it claims to be the first decentralized identification system among MVNOs, and facilitates universal access to Web 3 and FinTech services, including cryptocurrency transactions.


A Web 3 Pioneer:

Fliggs Mobile’s distinctive approach is founded on Moflix, a platform uniquely poised to facilitate the convergence of mobile services and Web 3. Additionally, a collaboration with Hedera, characterized as an enterprise-grade open-source public network, empowers the seamless integration of a comprehensive suite of Web 3 services into their application. Furthermore, a partnership with The Hashgraph Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to expediting global adoption of the Hedera network, has not only provided funding but also invaluable technical engineering support.


CEO’s Vision:

Stefan Riedel, the CEO of Fliggs Mobile, expressed enthusiasm about their collaboration with T-Mobile, highlighting its ability to deliver high-quality mobile services and affordable mobile plans. Riedel emphasized that this partnership lays a solid foundation for their vision of enabling Web 3 for all. With mobile subscriptions and a powerful mobile super-app serving as gateways to Web 3, Fliggs Mobile is resolute in its commitment to making cutting-edge technologies accessible and cost-effective for everyone.


T-Mobile’s Perspective:

Dan Thygesen, Senior Vice President of T-Mobile Wholesale, echoed Riedel’s sentiments, expressing T-Mobile’s excitement about collaborating with Fliggs Mobile in an innovative endeavor that enhances their value proposition within emerging technologies. Thygesen underscored the uniqueness of Fliggs Mobile’s initiative and expressed eagerness to leverage T-Mobile’s leading nationwide 5G network to advance the cause of Web 3 accessibility.


The Web 3 Enigma:

Web 3 remains an enigmatic concept, characterized by decentralization and blockchain technologies. While it encompasses trends like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, these terms often baffle the majority of people. The adoption of Web 3 technologies may initially be confined to tech-savvy enthusiasts, but Fliggs Mobile’s mission to foster Web 3 mass adoption signals their aspiration to bring these innovations into the mainstream.


A Visionary MVNO:

Fliggs Mobile’s ambition to spearhead Web 3 mass adoption positions them as a visionary MVNO in the telecommunications landscape. With a multifaceted approach that integrates blockchain technology, decentralized identification, and access to Web 3 services, they aim to bridge the gap between complex innovations and everyday users. While the intricacies of Web 3 may elude many, Fliggs Mobile and T-Mobile are determined to make these transformative technologies accessible to all.



Scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2024, Fliggs Mobile’s collaboration with T-Mobile signifies a significant stride towards realizing the vision of Web 3 mass adoption. As they harness the power of decentralization and blockchain, this partnership holds the promise of reshaping the future of mobile services and empowering individuals to seamlessly embrace the Web 3 era. While the path to mainstream Web 3 adoption may be fraught with complexity, Fliggs Mobile’s commitment to accessibility and affordability signals a new chapter in the telecommunications industry. As they embark on this journey, they carry the aspiration of enabling Web 3 for the people and democratizing the transformative potential of emerging technologies.

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