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Web3 Industry Boosted by Toku and Quantstamp Partnership

In a significant move within the web3 industry, Toku and Quantstamp have announced a strategic partnership that merges security audits and compensation tax audits into an integrated service. This collaboration aims to offer blockchain companies comprehensive support, effectively addressing the mounting challenges of regulatory tax scrutiny and escalating security threats. By combining their expertise, Toku and Quantstamp intend to provide a streamlined solution that fortifies security measures and ensures full compliance, facilitating the growth of web3 companies. This article delves into the details of this strategic alliance and its implications for the web3 landscape.


Enhancing Security and Compliance:

As the web3 industry continues its rapid expansion, concerns surrounding regulatory compliance and security breaches have grown in tandem. Toku and Quantstamp have united their capabilities to address these pressing issues faced by web3 companies. Through this partnership, these industry leaders will deliver a consolidated solution to organizations operating within the blockchain ecosystem. This comprehensive approach entails a two-step process, commencing with an exhaustive code review and followed by a meticulous tax review during the initial stages of client engagement. This holistic service offering positions Toku and Quantstamp as frontrunners in empowering companies with the tools necessary to safeguard vital data, adhere to regulatory standards, and adapt to the evolving work landscape.


Quantstamp’s Expertise in Blockchain Security:

Quantstamp has earned its reputation as a pioneering entity in the realm of blockchain security. With a track record of safeguarding digital assets valued at over $200 billion for more than 250 clients, including prominent industry players like Ethereum 2.0, Compound, Lido, and Polygon, as well as household names such as Visa and Toyota, Quantstamp has established itself as a trusted guardian of blockchain projects. Its core offering, smart contract audits, involves a meticulous examination of blockchain project codebases to identify potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, Quantstamp provides an array of services, including its recently introduced Economic Exploit Analysis, designed to preempt flash loan attacks. The overarching goal is to fortify the web3 space’s security landscape.


Toku’s Innovative Token Solutions:

Toku, on the other hand, stands as the first comprehensive global solution for token compensation, grants, and token tax compliance. Their suite of products ensures 100% tax compliance for token-based compensation in over 100 countries worldwide. Toku offers unparalleled legal and tax support for the issuance and management of tokens across the entire lifecycle. This encompasses streamlined processes, from template-based token grant awards to vesting tracking and tax withholdings management. Toku’s versatile understanding spans various grant structures, including Token Purchase Agreements, Restricted Token Awards, Restricted Token Units, Token Options, Token Appreciation Rights, and phantom tokens. Their client roster includes Protocol Labs, dYdX Foundation, Mina Foundation, Hedera, Gnosis, Safe, and numerous others.


Shared Vision for a Streamlined Future:

The partnership between Toku and Quantstamp is characterized by a shared vision to empower web3 companies with the necessary tools and services to thrive. By synergizing their strengths in security, compliance, and taxation, they aim to simplify the complexities faced by a diverse range of organizations, from DAOs to traditional companies. This collaboration marks the initial step in their journey to address the intricate challenges that modern businesses must confront, positioning them to provide a coherent and accessible solution.



In an era of rapid web3 expansion, the strategic partnership between Toku and Quantstamp signifies a pivotal development. By offering a comprehensive suite of services encompassing security audits and tax compliance, these two industry leaders aim to fortify the web3 landscape. As web3 companies grapple with evolving regulatory frameworks and heightened security concerns, this partnership promises to streamline their efforts and provide the necessary support for success at every stage of their journey. In doing so, Toku and Quantstamp are poised to play a vital role in shaping the future of the web3 industry, making it more secure, compliant, and accessible for all stakeholders.

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