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Fortify Labs by TZ APAC: Empowering Tezos Startups with Strategic Enhancements

Fortify Labs, part of the TZ APAC initiative, has recently announced substantial advancements geared towards bolstering startups building on the Tezos blockchain. The program is designed to offer participating startups access to a global Tezos ecosystem, expedited development of minimum viable products (MVPs), and a structured path to accelerate overall startup success.


Strengthening Technical Expertise with Notable Additions


Fortify Labs has augmented its technical foundation by bringing Yunyan Chi, Engineering Manager at Marigold Development, on board. Chi’s extensive engineering experience is expected to be a valuable asset for startups seeking to deliver groundbreaking products. This addition underscores Fortify Labs’ commitment to enhancing its technical knowledge base and supporting startups throughout their development journey.


Strategic Advisory Board Expansion for Holistic Guidance


In a strategic move to fortify its advisory board, Fortify Labs has welcomed Russell Tan, Marketing Lead for GodsUnchained and Infinit3Victory at Immutable, as an advisor. Tan’s expertise in brand building and web2+3 strategies positions him as a crucial resource for startups aiming to refine their brand and go-to-market (GTM) strategies.


Key Partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)


A notable highlight is Fortify Labs’ landmark partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a significant boost for startups engaged in the Fortify Labs program. AWS, renowned for facilitating startup success for over 15 years, will provide essential resources, including cloud credits, further empowering startups within the program.


Strategic Collaboration with @gvrn_ai for Comprehensive Support


In a recent Twitter announcement by TZ APAC, startups participating in the Fortify Labs program are set to benefit from the collaboration with @gvrn_ai. This partnership aims to provide startups with essential legal consultation and back-office services, addressing critical aspects of navigating legal frameworks and operational challenges.


March 2024 Intake: A Gateway to Innovative Opportunities


As Fortify Labs prepares for its March 2024 intake, startups are presented with a unique opportunity to innovate on the Tezos blockchain, coupled with the advantage of Etherlink integration. This intake offers more than just a program; it invites startups to embrace a pathway to success within the dynamic realms of Tezos and Etherlink.


Formalizing Support through Etherlink Integration


Applicants are encouraged to register through a straightforward form, signaling the commencement of a journey toward building and thriving in an ecosystem designed for growth. The form captures essential company details, setting the stage for a tailored support system aligned with the unique needs of each startup.


Comprehensive Support Services for Eligible Startups


Fortify Labs provides a suite of support services, including developer hours, design hours, legal advisory, partnerships, sponsorships, and funding support. The program focuses on hands-on support across various domains such as community building, product testing, business development, and more.


Active Seek for Established Teams and Building Progress


The program actively seeks teams beyond the ideation stage, focusing on those in the process of building a product with the goal of shipping by Q3 2024. Through its partnerships with AWS and other collaborators, Fortify Labs is cultivating an ecosystem that embraces shared values, offering startups an unparalleled opportunity to grow within the Tezos ecosystem.


Growing Community and Attracting Investor Attention


With more than 30 startups having already built with Fortify Labs, the program is ready to welcome its newest cohort. Startups interested in joining this fortified ecosystem are encouraged to apply for the March 2024 intake, becoming part of a community that ships products, collaborates with industry leaders, and garners attention from investors.

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