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X2Y2 Pro and Oasys Forge Partnership to Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming

In a strategic alliance, multi-chain NFT aggregator X2Y2 Pro has joined forces with Oasys, a prominent platform in the realm of blockchain gaming. X2Y2 Pro, renowned for aggregating activities within the X2Y2 marketplace, is set to integrate seamlessly with the EVM-compatible Oasys blockchain. This integration will particularly focus on Oasys’ Geso, DM2, and HOME Verses – Layer-2 solutions designed to offer developers a flexible platform for constructing web3-enabled products.


Integration for Enhanced Capabilities


As part of this collaboration, X2Y2 Pro will be fused with Oasys’ Hub Layer, a Layer-1 EVM sidechain specifically tailored for blockchain gaming. This integration is poised to bring forth significant benefits for both gamers and developers within the ecosystem.


Benefits for Gamers and Developers


For gamers, the integration promises access to new and user-friendly methods for trading and lending their NFTs. On the other hand, developers can leverage the capabilities of X2Y2 Pro to create smoother gaming experiences and more immersive ecosystems. The partnership aims to enhance the overall user experience within the blockchain gaming landscape.


X2Y2 Pro’s Enthusiasm for the Partnership


Expressing enthusiasm about this collaboration, the team behind X2Y2 Pro highlighted their excitement in joining the Oasys ecosystem. They emphasized their commitment to contributing to the advancement of blockchain gaming, stating that the partnership aligns with their vision for the upcoming year. Their focus is on providing NFT holders with increased opportunities to unlock value from their portfolios.


Exploring the Versatile Geso, DM2, and HOME Verses


Within the Oasys ecosystem, Geso, DM2, and HOME Verses already serve as the foundation for numerous web3 titles. The Geso Verse, operated by Japanese tech giant GMO Group, enables users to link their Gesoten by GMO ID, providing access to a range of titles. DM2 Verse, developed by DM2C Studio, powers the web3 arm of the online entertainment site DMM.com, boasting an impressive 41 million members. HOME Verse, powered by double jump.tokyo, empowers both AAA and indie developers with tools to create and launch web3 games. It currently hosts nine titles, including SEGA’s highly anticipated TCG “Sangokushi Taisen: Battle of Three Kingdoms.”


Influential Players on the Oasys Network


Notably, Oasys has attracted major players in the gaming industry, including Ubisoft and Bandai Namco, who are actively building on the Oasys network. This further solidifies Oasys’ position as a pivotal platform in the blockchain gaming space.


Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Blockchain Gaming


The collaboration between X2Y2 Pro and Oasys signifies a significant step forward in revolutionizing the blockchain gaming landscape. The integration of X2Y2 Pro with Oasys’ versatile Verses is set to create a symbiotic relationship, offering enhanced opportunities for both gamers and developers. As the partnership unfolds, the gaming community can anticipate a more dynamic and user-friendly environment, further propelling the evolution of blockchain gaming into the future.

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