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Free TON Attains Mainnet Stratum After Accomplishing ‘Sufficient Decentralization’

Free TON (Telegram Open Network), a Telegram community driven software development venture that eventually failed in the launch of a blockchain, officially revealed the roll out of the venture’s live mainnet.

Back in May 2020, the network, created on Telegram’s core code, had been launched. Nevertheless, the company did not state anything that can be linked with the communications firm and associated $1.70 billion ICO that failed to take off.

The official news release about mainnet is primarily a etiquette as there is no rollout of fresh network. On the contrary, programmers have selected the date to represent the network’s “sufficient decentralization” and a potent beginning of mainnet. To commemorate, a livestream event was conducted involving a “declaration of decentralization” that can be inked by anyone on blockchain.

The community prides itself of having over 400 validators along with 15 “fully formed geographical subgovernances,” the venture’s analogous for a decentralized autonomous institution (DAO).

Mitja Goroshevskiy, CTO of TON Labs, stated that the distributed tokens portray the quantum of decentralization. Even though, such a scenario is yet to be accomplished as several tokens need to be disbursed, the procedure is sophisticated to refer the network as decentralized.

No token sales were conducted by Free TON. However, it preferred to distribute tokens for valuable assistance to ensure robustness of the network, a process comparable to airdrop. All through this year, the venture disbursed TON Crystal, native crypto of TON, through hundreds of contests and partnership measures.

In order to achieve better output and lower latency, the core team of Telegram also open-sourced a fresh node client coded in Rust. The previous node client was written in C++.

Goroshevskiy stated that the latest node client was run at a slower pace deliberately in order to work with prevailing nodes, but is not yet ready to be incorporated in mainnet.

The white paper pertaining to TON detailed the venture’s core tech stack that is claimed to be easily scalable and flexible for a wide range of DApps.

However, Telegram believes that it can stay ahead of others by integrating with prevailing app of Telegram, which is already utilized by millions of users.

Even though Free TON might not offer comparable benefit, it is vying to build an appreciable community of developers and users.

The core of Free TON is based on actual code that segregates it from other TON forks that were carried out after Telegram suspended its blockchain venture in July.

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