Friendzone Joins Forces with Polygon to Redefine Social Media in Web3 Era Feb 8, 2024 Feb 8, 2024 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Friendzone Joins Forces with Polygon to Redefine Social Media in Web3 Era

Friendzone, a decentralized social marketplace, has announced a strategic move to bring its premier social app into the Polygon PoS ecosystem. Spearheaded by early team members from Band Protocol, Synthetix, and Koinly, Friendzone is making waves as a pioneer in the social dApp space. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the burgeoning social platform, positioning it as a frontrunner in the evolving social dApp industry. The teams will collaborate closely to harness the Polygon PoS infrastructure, aiming to develop consumer and social applications that drive Web3 mass adoption.


 Expanding Reach with Polygon zkEVM


After the anticipated launch on the Polygon PoS chain later this month, Friendzone has set its sights on broadening its scope to include Polygon zkEVM. This strategic move facilitates cross-chain syncing and composability, laying the foundation for a comprehensive ecosystem of consumer and social applications within the Friendzone platform.


 Collaboration with Polygon Labs for Innovation


Friendzone expresses excitement about collaborating with Polygon Labs, tapping into their ecosystem expertise to explore new use cases, accelerate SocialFi innovations, and delve into uncharted territories in the decentralized social space. These innovations will play a crucial role as the Friendzone platform expands onto Polygon’s zkEVM, benefitting from the network effects of a growing ecosystem and bringing in a dedicated user base.


 Revolutionizing Social Media through Web3 Technologies


Kevin Lu, CEO & Co-Founder of Friendzone, emphasizes the long-standing vision to revolutionize the social media landscape through Web3 technologies. The strategic choice of Polygon PoS as the first blockchain aligns with the shared commitment to scalability and the development of consumer-centric Web3 applications. The integration enhances capabilities, positioning Friendzone to lead the way in Web3 adoption.


 Polygon Labs’ Commitment to Innovation


Polygon Labs, known for its commitment to innovation and strategic collaborations with global brands, stands out in the blockchain landscape. Friendzone’s integration into the dynamic Polygon ecosystem is expected to drive the development of groundbreaking applications, alliances, and new opportunities for innovation in the Web3 industry.


 Unveiling SocialFi to Web2 Experts


Friendzone aims to spotlight the emerging concept of SocialFi for Web2 experts, showcasing the enhanced capabilities a Web3-based platform can bring to social media. The speed and scalability of the Polygon PoS network will empower Friendzone to convert social engagement and influence into monetization, benefiting creators and fostering more interactive micro-economies within communities.


 Polygon’s Recognition of Friendzone’s Innovation


Marc Boiron, CEO of Polygon Labs, acknowledges Friendzone as a standout team with a proven track record in building and scaling Web3 products. He expresses excitement about Friendzone’s role at the forefront of a new era for social media, leveraging the full potential of Web3 for unparalleled user experiences, creator monetization, and community engagement on Polygon.


 Social Media’s Growing Influence in Web3 Economy


Friendzone’s early ambitions on Polygon PoS exemplify the growing influence of social media in the Web3 economy. The utilization of tokens enables influencers to offer more to their communities, while fans are incentivized through reward sharing. This decentralized approach ensures both creators and their communities have a far superior experience, including personalized interactions, digital/physical merchandise, and exclusive events for key supporters.






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