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Republic and Creta Forge Powerful Partnership to Transform Web3 Landscape

Republic, a global financial technology company leading the digital transformation of finance and investing, has announced a strategic partnership with Creta, a Web3-based multiverse gaming platform. Headquartered in New York City, Republic boasts a global presence, while Creta, based in the UAE, is a metaverse gaming platform developed by Diverse, a South Korean company specializing in high-performance games. This collaboration aims to strengthen their presence in the Web3 development space.


 Republic’s Web3 Expertise and Global Presence


Republic, known for democratizing investing, operates globally with a significant footprint in the UK, UAE, and South Korea. Backed by leading institutions such as Valor Equity Partners and Morgan Stanley, Republic’s ecosystem has enabled 3+ million community members across 150+ countries to invest over $2.6 billion in thousands of private ventures. Republic Crypto, established in 2016, offers web3 advisory services, specializing in digital economy design, tokenization, blockchain infrastructure, and digital asset management.


 Creta’s Vision for Web3 Gaming


Creta, a global Web3 metaverse gaming platform, employs a high-performance public blockchain, Locus Chain. Differentiating itself from traditional metaverses, Creta implements a multiverse, connecting numerous metaverses with photorealistic visual quality. The platform aims to redefine the gaming industry through advanced technology, enhanced graphics, and a unique multiverse approach.


 Strategic Collaboration for Web3 Growth


Republic actively supports early-stage startups in the Web3 industry, offering a range of services, including economy design, marketing, token offerings, smart contract development, and business development. Republic has a strong track record with projects like Avalanche, Polygon, Aptos, DappRadar, and Star Atlas. The collaboration with Creta involves advisory services, research-driven token economics, and investment facilitation, aligning Republic’s strategic approach with Creta’s vision.


 Republic’s Support in Designing Creta’s Platform Economy


Republic will extend support in designing Creta’s Platform Economy, also known as Creta World. Creta plans to host a token sale in collaboration with Republic, allowing users access to all Creta products and user creations. This effort aims to showcase Creta’s metaverse gaming platform as a new paradigm for fostering gaming networks, moving away from traditional silos.


 Synergy for Marketing and Investor Engagement


Republic’s industry-leading marketing capabilities in the Web3 sector will be dedicated to promoting Creta on a grand scale. The collaboration extends to Republic investors, providing them with opportunities to directly participate in Creta by integrating the platform with login and wallet systems. This synergy aims to catalyze the growth of Creta’s content and ecosystem.


 Thomas Vu’s Involvement and Growth Fund


In a further boost to Creta, Thomas Vu, known for his role in the success of “League of Legends” and “Arcane,” has joined forces with the platform. Vu, acclaimed for his work with Riot Games, is collaborating on game incubation initiatives and media programs. Creta plans to establish a growth fund, ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars, to incubate Web3 games, capturing emerging markets in the Middle East and India.


 Anticipated Synergy in Web3 Dynamics


The collaboration between Republic and Creta, coupled with Thomas Vu’s involvement, is expected to position Creta as a transformative force in the Web3 domain. The integration of Republic’s Web3 proficiency and Creta’s utilization of Locus Chain’s technology is poised to shift industry dynamics significantly, fostering the realization of Creta’s ambitious goals. The strategic partnership showcases a convergence of expertise, technology, and a shared vision for the future of Web3 development.

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