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Fujitsu Unveils Web3 Acceleration Platform to Drive Co-Creation of Next-Gen Applications

FujitsuFujitsu, a global technology leader, has officially introduced its ‘Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform,’ a groundbreaking initiative set to revolutionize the development of Web3 applications and services. This platform aims to foster collaboration among start-ups, partner companies, and universities, providing a conducive environment for innovation.


Platform Overview:

Connecting Diverse Technologies

The newly launched platform seamlessly integrates blockchain and high-performance computing technologies, offering users a developmental environment and a range of service APIs. This collaborative space envisions becoming a community for those pioneering the next wave of Web3 applications.


Fujitsu’s Comprehensive Suite

Users of the platform gain access to Fujitsu’s existing suite of ‘Computing as a Service’ (CaaS) applications, such as ‘CaaS HPC’ and ‘CaaS Digital Annealer.’ Additionally, the ‘Fujitsu Computing as a Service Data e-TRUST’ (Data e-TRUST) module ensures secure data distribution and utilization through blockchain and other verification tools.

Building Trust with Technology

Utilizing ‘IDentitY eXchange’ (IDYX) and ‘Chain Data Lineage’ technologies, Data e-TRUST guarantees transaction authenticity and secure data distribution. Fujitsu plans to introduce additional technology modules, including transparent trust transfer technology and ‘ConnectionChain.’

Fujitsu Accelerator Program for CaaS

Fujitsu is committed to driving co-creation of Web3 services and will provide free access to the platform for select participants of its global partner program, ‘Fujitsu Accelerator Program for CaaS.’ The platform will be available in Japan from March 2023, with a global rollout planned in fiscal 2023.

Web3 Applications for a Sustainable Future

The platform’s ultimate goal is to contribute to the creation of a robust ecosystem, enabling users to develop innovative applications for Web3. This includes applications for digital content rights management, contracts, and various business transactions and processes.

Advanced Computing Technologies

In addition to blockchain and verification technologies, the platform offers access to Fujitsu’s cutting-edge computing technologies, such as ‘Fujitsu Computing as a Service HPC’ and ‘Fujitsu Computing as a Service Digital Annealer.’ These technologies empower users to analyze scenarios and formulate solutions based on trustworthy data.

Transparent Trust-Ensuring Technology

Fujitsu is set to introduce prototype functions leveraging transparent trust transfer technology and ‘ConnectionChain’ for co-creation partners via CaaS, further enhancing the platform’s capabilities.

Fostering Innovation Through Co-Development

Fujitsu emphasizes collaboration by providing a portal site and development environment for co-development activities. The platform will support the creation, testing, and practice of new Web3 applications and services, fostering innovation in areas such as DAO, digital content rights management, and digital trust.

Global Planning and Development Contest

Looking ahead, Fujitsu plans to expand the platform’s services and functionality and will host a global planning and development contest. This initiative aims to build and implement decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) communities and foster the creation of new Web3 services.

Voices from the Industry

Leaders from various industries have expressed enthusiasm about the Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform. Yoshito Sudo, Founder and CEO of TC3 K.K., highlights the potential to prototype Web3 application services and DAO community services, contributing to a world innovated by the gig economy.

Web3 in Education and Business

Hiroyoshi Miwa, Vice President of Kwansei Gakuin University, emphasizes the platform’s potential in the post-COVID era, especially in education and research. Hiroya Momikura, Representative Director of Pocket RD Co., Ltd., envisions a safer, more secure business environment through the integration of Fujitsu’s technology.


Fujitsu’s Web3 Acceleration Platform marks a significant leap toward a future of collaborative innovation. By providing a dynamic space for co-creation and access to cutting-edge technologies, the platform aims to shape the next generation of Web3 applications and services, contributing to a more sustainable and interconnected world.

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