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Fujitsu Unveils Web3 Application and Services Development Platform

FujitsuFujitsu revealed the debut of its “Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform,” which provides a development platform and several service APIs running on blockchain and powerful computational technologies. Fujitsu views the system as a future ecosystem for start-ups, partner corporations, and institutions tasked with developing the forthcoming generation of Web3 apps and services.

The latest platform will link customers to Fujitsu’s current lineup of Computing as a Service (“CaaS”) (1) solutions, such as “CaaS HPC” and “CaaS Digital Annealer”, in addition to the “Fujitsu Computing as a Service Data e-TRUST” (“Data e-TRUST”) module. Data e-Trust utilizes Fujitsu’s “IDentitY eXchange” (“IDYX”) (3) and “Chain Data Lineage” (4) technology for assuring the validity of trades and the safe dissemination and usage of data across various systems and services via blockchain as well as other information validation methods. Fujitsu intends to add more technology components to the platform in the future, such as its open trust transfer systems (5) and “ConnectionChain” (6) technology.

Fujitsu will offer free use of the platform to chosen members of its worldwide partner program, “Fujitsu Accelerator Program for CaaS” (7), in order to facilitate the co-creation of innovative Web3 services. Beginning in March 2023, program partners in Japan will be able to access the platform, with worldwide availability gradually growing beginning in fiscal 2023. The platform will facilitate the achievement of a diverse environment that emboldens users to develop new Web3 solutions, enabling fresh methods to engage, develop, and share information openly and safely for usage scenarios such as digital content license management, agreements, and business dealings and procedures.

Fujitsu’s objective for Fujitsu Uvance is to build an environmentally friendly world. Eventually, Fujitsu intends to deliver a Web3 system that allows enterprises and individual people to interact and co-create transformative, value-added remedies to a range of societal concerns. The latest platform will offer users access to Fujitsu’s state-of-the-art, powerful computational technologies and solutions, including “Fujitsu Computing as a Service HPC” and “Fujitsu Computing as a Service Digital Annealer” for creating and operating simulation models, AI, and multiobjective apps. These tools will enable users to assess and assess many situations for generating answers to a variety of social problems based on trustworthy data.

Fujitsu will gradually deliver more prototype functionalities for Web3 through CaaS, using its open trust-guaranteeing technology and “ConnectionChain” technology for co-creation associates.
Fujitsu will offer a gateway and development ecosystem to assist co-development operations and the creation of fresh Web3 apps and facilities, as well as to trial and validate the value that these new Web3 apps and facilities deliver. Fujitsu and its co-creation associates will analyze application cases, build models, and perform proof-of-concept (PoC) studies in an effort to generate fresh business in connection with the three important Web3 narratives:

1. Realization of a co-creation society via decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)
Trial innovation and deployment of new Web3 services in which initiatives are autonomously organized and fostered by stakeholders in accordance with diverse aims. Visualization of user actions and the value they generated for equitable profit distribution based on individual involvement.

2. Rights management and utilization of digital content
The creation and deployment of fresh Web3 solutions for the dissemination of digital material, including photos and videos, in order to preserve copyrights and ensure the validity of digital information. Promoting the creation of diverse, freely distributable material based on an additional and repeated effort by creating a mechanism that ensures copyrights and fair pay for producers.

3. Realization of digital trust
Evaluate the development and deployment of innovative Web3 applications to assure the quality and accuracy of data by minimizing risks including personal data leakage and fraudulent dealings in order to allow greater flexible and transparent communication and data usage. Implementation of a modern social model that enables corporations and individual people to interact safely by eliminating digital crime and assuring the legitimacy of all activities and information sharing.

Fujitsu aims to host a worldwide planning and development competition to design and deploy DAO communities and develop new Web3 applications as it develops services and capabilities for its Web3 platform beginning in March 2023. Opinions from “Fujitsu Accelerator Program for CaaS” participants and Web3 Acceleration Platform customers.

Yoshito Sudo, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TC3 K.K.:
“The introduction of the Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform excites us. Working with worldwide Gig Economies, our organization aids corporations in developing digital goods and AI engines. We want to build Web3 application services and DAO community services by taking part in the Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform. With this effort, we think we can advance our goal of “Gig Innovated,” a future in which the Gig Economy enables innovation.

Hiroyoshi Miwa, Vice President of Kwansei Gakuin University and Executive Dean of the Organization for Information Strategies, Japan, said, “Web3 remains in its development, but it has the ability to usher in an entirely new era. In order to reach this objective, it is essential not only to study and build cutting-edge technology but also to establish fresh services. There are initiatives to utilize Web3 in the fields of education and study in the post-COVID age. This forum will also be used to debate numerous new projects and promote social integration at our university.”

The representative director of Pocket RD Co., Ltd. is Hiroya Momikura.
“Our firm provides prospective Web3 clients the Digital Double solution, which allows them to employ multiple forms of NFT (non-fungible tokens) and effectively establish their organization in the approaching age of one-digital wallets. By integrating this service with Fujitsu’s identity verification and security tools, we want to offer our clients a robust, more secure ecosystem for doing business.”


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