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Google Updates Cryptocurrency Advertising Policy for NFT Games

In a recent development, Google has revised its cryptocurrency advertising policy, providing clarity on the parameters and prerequisites for promoting blockchain-based games associated with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). As of September 15, 2023, advertisers are permitted to promote NFT games that refrain from endorsing gambling-related content, subject to specific criteria outlined by Google.

Google’s venture into permitting cryptocurrency advertisements commenced a few years ago, marking a significant evolution in its advertising policies. The technology giant articulated, “Commencing September 15, 2023, advertisers specializing in NFT games devoid of any associations with gambling-related material are eligible to promote their respective products and services, provided they adhere to the following stipulations and receive Google’s certification.”

Google has granted the green light for the promotion of blockchain-based games integrated with NFTs. Such games encompass scenarios where players can acquire in-game assets, including virtual clothing, weaponry, or armor that bolsters their character’s attributes, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience. However, Google has delineated three categories of NFT games that remain off-limits for promotion:

Games Involving Betting or Staking NFTs: This category encompasses games that allow participants to stake NFTs with the prospect of winning tangible real-world assets or other NFTs. An illustrative example includes games that enable users to wager NFTs in exchange for alternative tokens like cryptocurrencies.

Social Casino Games Rewarding NFTs: Google explicitly prohibits the promotion of social casino games that dispense NFTs as rewards. These games emulate traditional casino gambling experiences, such as poker, slots, or roulette, offering players the chance to acquire NFTs.

Real Money Gambling Sites: The policy extends to encompass any advertisements affiliated with “real money gambling” platforms, encompassing any gambling-related promotions that may appear within gaming contexts. Google has emphasized the gravity of adhering to this policy, cautioning that violations will incur immediate account suspension, with no prior warnings. Advertisers will be issued a notice at least seven days prior to the suspension of their accounts, aiming to foster transparency and compliance within the advertising ecosystem.

This move by Google signifies a strategic response to the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and NFTs. By striking a balance between enabling the promotion of NFT-related products and services while curbing the promotion of potentially risky gambling activities, Google aims to uphold its commitment to responsible advertising practices.

Furthermore, this decision aligns with broader industry trends where regulatory authorities and tech giants are actively revising their policies to adapt to the burgeoning blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Google’s effort to provide clarity in its advertising guidelines for NFT games reflects its dedication to fostering a safe and secure online environment for users and advertisers alike.

In conclusion, Google’s updated policy offers a clear framework for advertisers looking to promote NFT games, ensuring that these promotions remain within responsible and ethical boundaries. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, such guidelines play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of online advertising while embracing innovations in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

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