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RXT Token Revolutionizes Blockchain Gaming at Korea Blockchain Week 2023

In a significant development within the blockchain sphere, RXT Token has achieved another breakthrough, following its inaugural RXT Connect event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This time, the spotlight was on the largest blockchain gathering in Asia, Korea Blockchain Week 2023, where RXT Capital LTD participated in the side event titled Game Ascend 2023. During this event, RXT Capital LTD introduced an innovative “Play to Earn” concept, marking a remarkable stride in the world of blockchain-based gaming.

The essence of this concept revolves around a farming-based game set in a metaverse, aligning seamlessly with RXT’s overarching theme in the Digital Agriculture World, encapsulated by the slogan “You Do-it Online, We Do-it On Land.” An integral component of this initiative is the incorporation of a Sharia-based digital contract, fostering profit-sharing opportunities for users while forging connections with farmers across the globe.

Currently in its Beta Version, the forthcoming integration of RXT wallets promises to further enhance user engagement within the game, offering a comprehensive and immersive experience.

Mohd Aris, the Operational Director of RXT Capital LTD, shared his enthusiasm during his presence at Korea Blockchain Week 2023 at Game Ascend. He hailed this endeavor as a groundbreaking development in the realm of agriculture, where individuals worldwide, including avid gamers, can actively participate, generate real income, and contribute to the well-being of farmers across the globe. The potential for this blockchain-based game to have a substantial impact on global food security and stability is indeed profound.

Dato Abdul Haadi Azhar, CEO of RXT Capital LTD, expressed his conviction that this game would transform the world in an engaging and entertaining manner. Furthermore, he highlighted the BITCOINLAND.Com mega property project, which stands as a vital component of the broader RXT ecosystem.

The introduction of the “Play to Earn” concept in the context of a blockchain-based farming game is a testament to the dynamic and innovative nature of RXT Token’s endeavors. By amalgamating blockchain technology with agricultural principles and profit-sharing mechanisms, RXT aims to not only entertain but also create real-world impact by fostering connections between digital enthusiasts and farmers who play an essential role in global food production.

Korea Blockchain Week 2023 served as an ideal platform for RXT Capital LTD to showcase its vision and innovation, drawing attention from blockchain enthusiasts, gamers, and industry stakeholders alike. The convergence of blockchain and gaming has the potential to revolutionize not only the entertainment sector but also the agricultural landscape, as RXT Token seeks to bridge the digital realm with real-world agriculture in a mutually beneficial way.

As the gaming community increasingly embraces blockchain technology and decentralized ecosystems, RXT Token’s foray into this space signifies a strategic move that aligns with evolving trends in the blockchain and gaming industries. By promoting the “Play to Earn” concept, RXT Token exemplifies its commitment to innovation, financial inclusion, and global food security, making it a significant player in the ongoing transformation of these sectors.

In conclusion, RXT Token’s participation in Korea Blockchain Week 2023 and its unveiling of the “Play to Earn” concept within a blockchain-based farming game underscore the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of blockchain innovation. This initiative not only offers exciting opportunities for gamers but also paves the way for meaningful collaborations between the digital world and agriculture, ultimately contributing to a more secure and sustainable global food supply.

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