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Streamr and MapMetrics Collaborate to Harness Open Mobility Data in Web3

Streamr, the forward-looking peer-to-peer network for real-time data streaming and messaging, has joined forces with MapMetrics, a drive-to-earn navigation app that rewards users with cryptocurrency for anonymously contributing data. This exciting collaboration is set to promote open mobility data within the Web3 ecosystem.

Streamr’s mission is to construct the real-time data protocol for the decentralized web, encompassing a scalable, low-latency, and secure peer-to-peer network for data transmission and exchange. Part of this ambitious vision includes the creation of The Streamr Hub, a decentralized chat application, and various decentralized applications (dApps) designed to facilitate the decentralization of tech stacks for DePin projects and the broader global community.

On the other hand, MapMetrics is a crypto-based navigation app designed to incentivize users to share their geographical location data, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

The collaboration between Streamr and MapMetrics holds immense potential for various initiatives. Initially, this partnership will involve the integration of MapMetrics’ data into the Streamr Hub, active participation in MapMetrics’ Bitcoin Rocket Contest, and live streaming of the rocket’s journey on the decentralized Streamr Network.

MapMetrics is currently hosting a live contest featuring a digital Bitcoin rocket’s journey across different locations, which can be tracked via a live stream. The user running the MapMetrics app, contributing their location data, and coming closest to the rocket’s final location at the end of the competition will win an entire Bitcoin.

Streamr has also seized the opportunity to reward its node runners through this collaboration. They have launched a monthly side contest featuring a Streamr-branded spaceship that follows the Bitcoin Rocket. To participate, Streamr node runners simply need to tweet a screenshot of their node’s location from the Network Explorer app, using the hashtag #StreamrNodeTour. Each month, a winner is chosen based on their node’s proximity to the rocket’s location at a randomly selected time. The winner receives $100 worth of DATA tokens for staking with Zonaris and one year’s node subscription for Zonaris.

Furthermore, Streamr eagerly welcomes data from MapMetrics drivers into The Hub, a platform designed for hosting and discovering live open data within the Web3 ecosystem. This anonymous data can be utilized and traded to generate valuable insights about roads, including real-time identification of emerging hazards, unmarked traffic lights, speed cameras, and other obstacles using advanced machine learning plugins.

One exciting area of exploration for the Streamr team is peer-to-peer video streaming. Demonstrating the validity, scalability, and stability of decentralized live video feeds has the potential to unlock new use cases where centralized intermediaries are unnecessary for content delivery and distribution. As a significant step in this direction, the MapMetrics Bitcoin live feed will transition from YouTube to Streamr. Thanks to the Streamr protocol, the audience members of the live video stream actively participate in redistributing the content, potentially leading to cost savings compared to traditional paid live video streaming platforms.

The collaboration between Streamr and MapMetrics exemplifies the innovative spirit and possibilities inherent in the Web3 ecosystem. By combining their expertise in decentralized data streaming and navigation, they are not only revolutionizing the way data is shared and rewarded but also advancing the adoption of Web3 technologies in real-world applications. This partnership promises to open new avenues for data collaboration, all while harnessing the power of blockchain and decentralization for a more inclusive and dynamic future.

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