Hitch Interactive Unveils Web3 Partnerships Transforming Food and Travel Industries November 16, 2023 November 16, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Hitch Interactive Unveils Web3 Partnerships Transforming Food and Travel Industries

Hitch Interactive has unveiled strategic partnerships with Tangy Noodle and Airacer, signaling a groundbreaking integration of Web3 interactivity into the food and travel sectors. These collaborations showcase the transformative capabilities of Hitch Interactive’s Immutable Miniverse Format (IMF) for NFTs, introducing self-contained, embedded content and experiences that redefine traditional NFT functionalities.


Revolutionizing User Experience with IMF NFTs:

The essence of Hitch Interactive’s IMF standard lies in its ability to embed programmable code directly into the artwork of NFTs, ushering in a paradigm shift in user experience. Unlike conventional NFTs dependent on external websites, IMF NFTs are decentralized and immutable on the Ethereum blockchain. This revolutionary format seamlessly connects Web3 with social media and business applications, presenting novel opportunities for customization and enhanced engagement.


Tangy Noodle Partnership:

In collaboration with Tangy Noodle, a renowned Chinese restaurant based in New York, Hitch Interactive introduces the Yummy Hamo NFT project. Leveraging the IMF standard, Tangy Noodle aims to customize its business culture, signature dishes, and virtual restaurant presence on Web3. The strategic alliance is designed to appeal to innovation-minded customers, fostering an interactive community among IMF NFT owners.


Airacer Partnership:

Airacer, a platform specializing in private jet charters, has aligned with Hitch Interactive to expand its Web3 footprint and captivate audiences in emerging technology markets. The partnership introduces exclusive benefits for Yummy Hamo NFT owners, including booking discounts and annual Gold Memberships. Additionally, the collaboration entails the development of unique destination events, such as private tours to prominent industry gatherings like the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


IMF NFTs at the Core:

The partnerships underscore the prowess of Hitch Interactive’s IMF standard, positioning NFTs as vessels for self-contained, embedded content, experiences, games, and applications. In contrast to traditional NFTs relying on external platforms, IMF NFTs establish decentralization and immutability on the Ethereum blockchain. This innovative format seamlessly integrates Web3 with diverse social and business applications, unlocking new realms of customization and engagement.


Commitment to Digital Ownership in Lifestyle Sectors:

The collaborations with Tangy Noodle and Airacer epitomize Hitch Interactive’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital ownership within the lifestyle sector. By infusing interactivity and substance into the food and travel industries, Hitch Interactive’s IMF NFT standard emerges as a catalyst for redefining the digital landscape. Tangy Noodle’s strategic utilization of the IMF standard aims to attract a community of innovation enthusiasts, while Airacer’s exclusive benefits for NFT owners underscore a commitment to pioneering experiences in the private jet charter sector.



Hitch Interactive’s strategic partnerships represent a pivotal moment in the evolution of NFTs and their application in diverse sectors. The fusion of Web3 interactivity with the food and travel industries showcases the adaptability and transformative potential of Hitch Interactive’s IMF standard. As these partnerships shape a new era of digital ownership, the broader industry anticipates further innovations and collaborations in the dynamic intersection of technology, lifestyle, and blockchain.

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