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Infura Collaborates with Tech Giants to Launch Decentralized Infrastructure Network

Infura, the web3 infrastructure firm under Consensys, has unveiled plans to join forces with 18 prominent technology companies, including Microsoft and Tencent, to introduce a Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN). This collaborative effort, announced during the Decentralized RPC Summit at the DevConnect conference in Istanbul on Nov. 15, marks a significant step toward creating a decentralized Remote Procedure Call (RPC)-as-a-service that securely connects developers to Ethereum and other networks.


Formation of the Decentralized Infrastructure Network:

The initial cohort of launch partners, including Microsoft, Tencent, 0xFury, Bloq, and others, has been disclosed by Infura. The establishment of a federated version of DIN is the first phase, setting the foundation for its progressive decentralization in the future. DIN, as described by Consensys, is a key milestone in Infura’s commitment to advancing decentralized internet infrastructure. It is part of a broader initiative to support diverse blockchain APIs, acknowledging the inevitability of a multi-chain landscape.


Infura’s Role in Decentralized Internet Infrastructure:

Infura, in operation since 2016, has been a crucial provider of core back-end infrastructure for various decentralized finance (DeFi) decentralized applications (dApps), NFT marketplaces, Layer 2 scaling solutions, and other popular web3 products. Recognizing the concerns about its centralized nature and its potential as a single point of failure for Ethereum, Infura initiated plans to foster decentralized RPC infrastructure in September. Over 430,000 web3 developers were estimated to rely on Infura at that time.


Addressing Past Incidents and Improving Network Uptime:

Past incidents resulting in Infura downtime have adversely affected Ethereum users due to the widespread reliance on its infrastructure. Notably, an outage in April impacted MetaMask, Consensys’s widely used web3 wallet, causing connection issues with Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Filecoin, and Palm networks. Ethereum’s transaction fees briefly experienced a decline during this downtime. Infura acknowledges the demand for decentralized alternatives in response to concerns about data hacks and outages in centralized systems. The move to decentralize access to blockchain APIs is seen as a crucial step to enhance network uptime and grant individuals greater control over their personal data.


Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN) Partners:

The initial members of the DIN collaboration encompass a diverse array of companies, including Microsoft, Tencent, 0xFury, Bloq, Chainstack, Covalent, Ellipfra, Everstake,, Grove, Laconic Network, Linkpool, LinkRiver, Luscent, Mantle, MatrixedLink, Pokt, and Rivet, alongside Infura. The collaboration anticipates additional partners joining the network in the coming months, further strengthening the decentralized infrastructure initiative.



The collaboration between Infura and industry giants to establish the Decentralized Infrastructure Network signals a transformative shift in decentralized internet infrastructure. As the initiative progresses, the involvement of key players like Microsoft and Tencent underscores the growing importance of decentralization in the web3 ecosystem. The DIN project not only addresses past concerns but also aligns with the broader industry trend towards creating decentralized alternatives for improved network resilience and user sovereignty.



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