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Hong Kong’s First blockchain Based Play-to-Earn Game Guild Goes Live

The act of playing computer games may now be considered an investment due to the fact that gamers have the opportunity to make money while playing. The first blockchain gaming guild in Hong Kong, known as “Guild 22,” has started up its operations, and the 22nd of May has been designated as “Guild 22 Day.” The guild will be holding a three-day gathering at Metacade, which is situated in Russell Street, Causeway Bay, from the 20th to the 22nd of May.

The “Guild 22 Blockchian Game-Fi Experience Days” gathering is really the first massive public gathering that Guild 22 has organized. In addition to offering free advisory services to the general public regarding cryptos, blockchain technology, Game-Fi, and NFT, Ronald Chiu, the founding member of Guild 22 and a leader in the field of Game-Fi in Hong Kong, will be present at the meeting to initiate gaming hobbyists to the guild’s blueprint.

In the past few years, game-fied experiences have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. Guild 22 was formally founded in December 2021, and its members include a group of young people who are enthusiastic about playing video games, as well as a group of cryptocurrency and financial specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience in those fields. To this day, Guild 22 has put more than ten million Hong Kong dollars towards the creation of new programming and digital assets. In addition to this, it makes an effort to enlist the membership of other players who have similar interests with the game in the hope of increasing the size of the existing player community.

At the moment, Guild 22 provides access to a selection of well-liked games, some of which include Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, Cyball, CEBG, DefiLand, Splinterlands, and STEPN, to mention just a few. It has a profound comprehension of blockchain technology as well as the Game-Fi economy.

Ronald Chiu, one of the founders of Guild 22 and leader of Hong Kong’s Game-Fi, stated, “The play-to-earn business model originated in the Southeast Asian market, where a significant number of gamers were making an income that was up to three times higher than their regular wages. Play-to-earn has not yet had a significant effect in Hong Kong due to the disparities in the region’s level of life. However, as the straightforward game STEPN has gained popularity, in addition to AAA games that are set to be rolled out, many advanced gamers have started focusing on the combination of the traditional gaming industry and the blockchain technology, which will bring about economic changes in the gaming industry.”

As blockchain games become more popular around the world, it is inconceivable that one might make more than HK$10,000 per month playing these games. When it comes to the creation of the next version of Guild 22, Ronald reveals that there will be various pillars, some of which include gamified financial marketing, game testing, and the upkeep of the game player community.

Chiu stated “According to our assessment, the gamification of the financial sector as it exists now is still in its formative stages. Within the next two years, we anticipate that it will continue to develop and become more consolidated, which will fulfill our expectations. Guild 22 is the first blockchain gaming guild in Hong Kong, and as such, it is able to link conventional gamers to gamified money. Players in Hong Kong will be able to get more knowledge about the history and advancement of gamified finance and blockchain games via Guild 22 in the near future. This is due to the fact that blockchain games have steadily become more prevalent in people’s everyday lives.”

In the meanwhile, the size of the blockchain gaming industry went from nothing in 2017 to 19.5 billion HK dollars in 2021. Ronald projects that by the year 2023, it would have increased to HK$78 billion. If we take the case of the blockchain game STEPN as an illustration, players simply need to purchase a pair of digital asset shoes (which may cost anywhere from around $1,000 to $1,200) in advance to begin earning approximately $60 every day. Every day, the players’ stamina and the digital cash earned inside the game are used as the basis for all computations. They have the potential to make around $1,860 in monthly income.

The 22nd of May has been designated by Guild 22 as the day it will celebrate. Additionally, from the 20th to the 22nd of May, it hosted its first large-scale public event titled “Guild 22 blockchain game play-to-earn trail.” During the event, Ronald will work in conjunction with Kimi Chiu to provide attendees with information on the goals of the guild as well as play-to-earn strategies for various games. As part of the Game-Fi experience, attendees will also get instruction from industry experts on how to create a cryptocurrency wallet while they are there.

Kimi also says that the play-to-earn feature greatly benefits gamers. She comments, “As players, we have the opportunity to win prizes and make money from the games. Even the right to vote is something we have a good chance of regaining. By doing so, we are able to have an impact on the game’s progression. I’ve also been told that after I join the guild, I’ll be eligible for more pay for the tasks I do. Additionally, all of the game’s objects and pieces of equipment are one-of-a-kind NFT assets. In addition to their value as collectors, they may also be sold on the open market for a supplemental source of revenue. Whoever argued that leisure time spent playing games is a waste of time is wrong?”

On the spot, gamers who come to experience may play the player-versus-environment shootout game EV.IO. They have a chance to win the “Guild 22 Jackpot,” which is worth $500, if they demonstrate their shooting prowess. After joining Guild 22, players will additionally get an NFT as a reward for their participation. In addition to that, they have the opportunity to take part in the Axie Infinity Challenge that is being presented by HKGameFi and compete for the prize money that is worth one thousand United States Dollars.

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