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Ocean Set Partners mPowered to Build Blockchain Powered Marketplace for Ocean Data

Montreal, Quebec (Canada)-based blockchain technology provider mPowered has partnered with Newfoundland-headquartered startup company ocean Set to assist in preserving the ocean habitat by creating the first-ever data marketplace structured particularly for ocean-linked info.

mPowered offers a Web3 technology platform that aids entities to venture into data commercialization by leveraging blockchain technologies that promote the open development, partnership, and inclusivity. mPowered’s objective is to make the dataset a general good and permit enterprises to equalize intent, onus, accountableness, and profits.

Ocean Set is a preliminary-level start-up firm centered on structuring ocean info. By sharing and embedding info from every part of the ocean industry, Ocean Set is building products and services to permit a wide range of partakers to identify, retain, administer and share their data competently and aid safely a tenable future for oceans.

mPowered, which was initially established in Ontario, is offering the technology pack that will reinforce the marketplace. Ocean Set intends to simplify for users to connect, distribute, make up and share info and also about all matters including ocean currents, temperatures, offshore energy leases, and fisheries, among others.

mPowered CEO Joel Sotomayor pointed out “mPowered was first developed to assist people and businesses operating within the agro – food industry in claiming ownership of their material and reaping the benefits of exchanging it. We see the expansion of our emphasis on the ocean data economy and the protection of marine habitats as a fantastic opportunity that aligns with our “data as a common good” concept, and we are excited to contribute to the development of the Ocean Set info marketplace.”

Peter Rawsthorne, Ocean Set’s founder, and the president opined that the marketplace fulfills the rising need for an easily accessible, safe platform for participants in the ocean industry to connect, administer, maximize and distribute highly valuable information. mPowered’s blockchain-powered platform offers Ocean Set with the much-needed cryptography-based safe, transparent, and unalterable resources required to establish a hassle-free ecosystem for purchasing and offering data.

Rawsthorne stated that “Rawsthorne believes that the marketplace for dataset supplied by Ocean Set will prove to be an invaluable resource for businesses, government agencies, and researchers working in the fields of the fishing industry, aquaculture, transport, leisure, military, and energy. “Because of our partnership with mPowered, Ocean Set was able to construct a reliable platform that would enable firms to get access to, retain, extract, and benefit from exchanging ocean metrics without giving up control over the information.”

He further stated:
We think that this will motivate participants to develop and exchange much more verified info, which will promote a viable ocean economy and safeguard aquatic habitats.”

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