Hoskinsea Uses Cardano Blockchain for Alpha Launch of NFT Marketplace March 18, 2022 March 18, 2022 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
Market NewsMarch 18, 2022 by Kelly Cromley

Hoskinsea Uses Cardano Blockchain for Alpha Launch of NFT Marketplace

The Hoskinsea staff is pleased to reveal the alpha release of Hoskinsea, a decentralized platform for digital products based on the Cardano blockchain network. Numerous unique digital assets have emerged on the public blockchain during the past few months.

The most well-known of them was the Bored Ape Watch Club (BAYC), but there are plenty more on the rise. The supporters are also establishing a distinct criteria for digital assets, which is really intriguing. The Cardano blockchain network offers a single gateway for non-fungible digital product accounting, transmission, and scrutiny.

The introduction of this distinct marketplace centered on the Cardano blockchain excites us at Hoskinsea. “True digital ownership,” we think, will imply that digital assets will be exchanged across a varied network of decentralized exchange systems. The $HSK Token may be used in a variety of ways on the Hoskinsea network, all of which will reward token holders. On the Cardano network, Hoskinsea aspires to create a totally operational Decentralized NFT platform.

Purchase of NFT: Token holders will be able to acquire NFTs at a reduced rate from the Hoskinsea marketplace.

Transaction Fees: HSK tokens may be used to pay for NFT minting costs.

Staking Platform: To receive more tokens, HSK token holders can invest their tokens on our staking system.

NFT Farming: Users are allowed to stake NFTs on the network and receive rewards in restricted/unique NFTs that can be traded on other NFT exchanges.

Transaction Fees Redistribution: Top investors will be able to gain from our platform as well, since they will get a defined proportion of earnings generated by all HSK token dealings.

HSK token private sale

  • 1 ADA = 100 HSK Tokes
  • Minimum Purchase: 200 ADA
  • Maximum Purchase: 20000 ADA

Early buyers may participate in the HSK token private sale and transforms into early HSK token holders. Hoskinsea’s distinct marketplace reinvents on-chain venture involvement and intends to alter the NFT launch arena by placing all forecast scenarios on-chain, rendering it trustless, and preventing fake launch beginnings, as well as offering members entry to just the top-quality ventures.

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