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IXXERA: World’s First Security Platform for Drone Networks

OVES Enterprise Launches Groundbreaking Drone Security Solution Leveraging Blockchain and AI

Romanian software development company, OVES Enterprise, has introduced IXXERA, a pioneering security platform designed to protect unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from cyber-attacks within drone networks. IXXERA leverages cutting-edge blockchain and AI technologies to deliver advanced encryption, comprehensive drone network monitoring, and swift response capabilities during security incidents. This innovative software safeguards all data through a decentralized blockchain system, ensuring a high level of security. IXXERA is accessible as Software as a Service (SaaS) and caters to aerospace manufacturers, governments, and global security institutions.


Enhancing Drone Security in a Prevalent World


In a world where drones play an increasingly prominent role, from military battlefields to commercial deliveries, security is no longer a mere option but an imperative. According to Mihai Filip, CEO of OVES Enterprise, the company is dedicated to setting new security standards in the drone industry through the IXXERA platform. This innovative technology not only enhances the efficiency of drones but also ensures their security. The platform’s state-of-the-art encryption and monitoring capabilities provide a comprehensive security solution, protecting both the data and the physical integrity of drones.

A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Ecosystem

IXXERA is more than just a security system; it represents an entire cybersecurity ecosystem. It serves as both a rapid threat detection mechanism against cyber threats within drone networks and a swift intervention unit, akin to a SWAT team, for neutralizing cyber-attacks on UAV networks.

Key Features of IXXERA

  • The IXXERA platform encompasses a range of critical features, including:
  • Secure transportation of critical data in public telecommunications environments.
  • Secure storage of critical data in the public cloud.
  • Effective identity management.
  • Segregated data access.
  • An immutable blockchain registry.
  • Military-grade encryption.
  • Comprehensive structure and component auditing.

Mihai Filip underscores that one of the platform’s significant advantages is its scalability. IXXERA is adaptable to the diverse needs of clients, accommodating both single UAVs and entire fleets. Furthermore, the system is designed to be fail-safe, eliminating vulnerabilities associated with a central failure point. This decentralized architecture not only bolsters security but is also well-suited for autonomous devices and large drone fleets. As a result, it provides a flexible and comprehensive solution for managing and safeguarding aerial assets across various operational contexts.

Addressing the Growing Concerns of Drone Security

The proliferation of drones across a wide range of applications has raised concerns about their security. In response to this challenge, OVES Enterprise has entered into a partnership with the Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate, a move aimed at enhancing cybersecurity within the UAV sector. This partnership reflects a mutual commitment to developing and disseminating pertinent information and knowledge, as well as evaluating, testing, and promoting new cybersecurity technologies and solutions.

OVES Enterprise’s Investment in the Drone Industry

IXXERA represents OVES Enterprise’s second foray into the drone industry, following an announcement made last month regarding an investment exceeding 500,000 euros in drone production. This investment encompasses both hardware and software segments, reflecting the company’s dedication to fostering innovation and exploring new applications for drones.

Currently, OVES Enterprise is in the process of developing nine different drone models, including both rotor and fixed-wing designs. These products are entirely self-funded, with the company taking full responsibility for research and development, emphasizing its focus on innovation and the exploration of novel drone utilization methods.

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