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Market NewsSeptember 5, 2023 by Kelly Cromley

Klaytn Foundation and Ozys Collaborate to Strengthen Orbit Bridge Ecosystem

The Klaytn Foundation, a widely recognized entity, has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ozys, a leading global blockchain technology developer. This strategic collaboration is focused on advancing the growth of the Klaytn ecosystem and enhancing the competitive edge of Ozys’ Orbit Bridge, a prominent cross-chain protocol.

Empowering Orbit Bridge’s Continued Growth:

Orbit Bridge, introduced in 2020, has established a solid presence in the global market. Through this newly formed partnership, both organizations are committed to harnessing their technical expertise and commercial capabilities to further propel the development of the Orbit Bridge chain. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in their ongoing cooperation.

Building on a Strong Foundation:


It’s worth noting that Ozys and Klaytn have a history of collaboration. Since July 2020, Ozys has been a valued member of the Klaytn ecosystem, serving as a GC member and an official Development-Tool associate. With the recent MOU, their roles within this partnership will be reinforced, emphasizing their core networks and essential global offerings.

A Holistic Synergy

This collaboration transcends the realm of business, encompassing critical areas such as marketing, public relations, and community engagement. As a testament to their strengthened alliance, the Klaytn Foundation is set to take on the role of a validator on Orbit Bridge, commencing from August 10.

Orbit Bridge’s Impressive Capabilities:

Orbit Bridge is renowned for its extensive support of 21 blockchain mainnets, including prominent networks like Klaytn, Ethereum, Polygon, and TON. Additionally, it facilitates connections to over 100 tokens and 51 protocols. These capabilities have propelled Orbit Bridge to secure a top 3 position based on Total Value Locked (TVL) in the global cross-chain bridge landscape.

Ozys’ Diverse Portfolio:

Beyond Orbit Bridge, Ozys boasts an impressive portfolio featuring innovative platforms such as KLAYswap, a decentralized global exchange; KLAYSTATION, dedicated to KLAY public staking; KlaytnScope, designed for Klaytn block exploration; and Allbit.com, a premier charting service.

Choi Jin Choi’s Enthusiasm:

Choi Jin Choi, the CEO of Ozys, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaborative endeavor. He underlined the parallel growth trajectories of Ozys and the Klaytn ecosystem since their inception. Choi emphasized the pivotal role the Klaytn Foundation will play in validating the Orbit Bridge Klaytn mainnet, ensuring transaction reliability, and contributing to the ecosystem’s sustainable development.

Sam Seo’s Perspective:

Sam Seo, Director of the Klaytn Foundation, echoed Choi’s sentiments regarding the significance of this MOU. Seo views this partnership as a symbol of sustainability for the Klaytn ecosystem, particularly in the context of the KLAY value chain. He envisions the creation of synergies within the global market, underpinned by a deep-seated understanding between the two organizations.

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