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Veloce Media Group Collaborates with Polygon Labs to Integrate VEXT Token

Veloce Media Group is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Polygon Labs, marking a significant step towards the integration of their native token, VEXT, into the blockchain ecosystem. Scheduled for debut on September 04, 2023, this collaboration is a testament to the joint efforts of Mike Blank and Rupert Svendsen-Cook. Both Blank and Svendsen-Cook are set to participate in Korea Blockchain Week, where they will provide valuable insights into this burgeoning partnership.

Korea Blockchain Week: A Gathering of Visionaries:

Korea Blockchain Week stands as a prestigious congregation, bringing together visionaries, innovators, and corporate leaders in the industry. This event serves as a pivotal platform for fostering essential dialogues that will shape the future of blockchain technology.

Recognized as one of Asia’s most influential blockchain events, this week-long conference is set to be a melting pot of global blockchain pioneers. Here, they will collectively explore the limitless potential of Web3 and its transformative impact across various industries and cultures.

VEXT: Achieving Milestones and Roadmap Ahead:

As of now, available details reveal that VEXT has made remarkable strides during its launch phase. It arrives with a rich set of features and a roadmap designed to accommodate groundbreaking utility. Within the Veloce Media Group ecosystem, elements such as creators, content, and leagues currently thrive, and they may evolve and expand in response to increasing demands.

VEXT on Polygon: A Historic Move:

The impending debut of VEXT on Polygon marks a historic milestone. This native token empowers its holders to engage in governance and maximize utility. Veloce, a digital racing media network, is poised to leverage the capabilities of the Polygon Protocol to the fullest.

The choice of Polygon is underpinned by its robust architectural framework, encompassing efficiency in sports, secure transactions, and prompt execution of financial commands, synonymous with financial transactions. Polygon also boasts a strong reputation for listing tokens on the top five crypto exchanges.

A Formidable Partnership:

Rupert, in discussing the partnership between Veloce and Polygon, has hailed Polygon as the ultimate blockchain architecture. He emphasizes that their collaboration is a potent fusion of utility and community engagement. As the CEO and co-founder of Veloce, he underscores the importance of this partnership in constructing a decentralized sporting group and facilitating the ecosystem’s transition to Web3.

Aishwary Gupta from Polygon Labs expresses enthusiasm for partnering with Veloce, highlighting Veloce’s inspiring vision for the future of gaming and sports. The Head of Payments and Fintech, along with the team, eagerly anticipates the seamless integration of their Web3 community into Polygon’s vibrant ecosystem.

VEXT: A Dynamic User Experience:

VEXT offers an evolving user experience that encompasses voting and proposal mechanisms. It features six gamified staking pools and integrated games within the platform. Token holders gain access to events, exclusive merchandise, and interoperability, showcasing the comprehensive utility of VEXT within the blockchain ecosystem.

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