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KNEO AI-Blockchain Platform Facilitates Creation of Digital Assets From Personal Info

Kneron, experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), has launched KNEO platform, which is created through a combo of AI gadgets and blockchain technology to establish safe and private networks.

The Kneron-neural network Edge-AI Open platform also develops cryptocurrencies out of personal info which can be exchanged or sold to the enterprises which needed them. KNEO utilizes blockchain technology to link several edge AI sensors (aka stems), including microphones, cameras and thermal sensors.

The phrase “edge AI” points to systems which handles algos within the network, instead of transmitting data for processing elsewhere. This implies that KNEO do not require internet connectivity and all info obtained is encrypted and saved on an individual personal grid.

A central app can be used to control Stems and link to improve one another’s abilities as they function together and distribute info. On Google Play and iOS, Kneron has also rolled out an edge AI marketplace, to promote the open source community to build apps which overhaul, modify or merge edge AI gadgets to conduct particular processes.

Likely use cases include tracking home energy use, preventive health care, vehicle maintenance, home safety and several more. The marketplace will also link consumers to corporations who want to purchase or utilize their blockchain enabled info in cryptocurrency form.

Driving info obtained over a year may be handed over in exchange for discounted vehicle insurance, shopping and many more. Consumption info may be offered to brands, advertisers or market survey companies.

KNEO will also be taught as a main subject in universities under AI course. Top universities in the US, Hong Kong and Taiwan is already making use of Kneron’s technology in courses related to AI development.

Builders and enthusiasts can begin developing apps with only a KNEO stem and a Raspberry Pi.

As a theory, Artificial intelligence has been there for over hundred years, even though latest developments in processing ability, networking and storage have seen a flurry of real-world enhancements.

The amalgamation of blockchain and AI to develop safe private consumer AI networks underlines a confluence of two of the much praised technologies for the future.

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