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Libeara and Fundbridge Capital Collaborate to Tokenize Singapore Dollar Government Bond Fund

Libeara, a tokenization solution developed under Standard Chartered’s SC Ventures, has unveiled its inaugural offering in collaboration with Fundbridge Capital. The initiative involves the tokenization of a Singapore dollar government bond fund, with Fundbridge as the regulated entity managing the fund targeting accredited investors. The announcement underscores the growing trend of tokenizing traditional financial instruments on public blockchains.


Inaugural Tokenization of Singapore Dollar Government Bond Fund:

Libeara, led by Founder and CEO Aaron Gwak, is set to pioneer the tokenization of a Singapore dollar government bond fund. The tokens, representing units of the fund, will be offered on public blockchains, specifically Stellar and Ethereum. Gwak emphasized the significance of offering a Singapore Dollar Government Bond Fund in token format for the first time, outlining the focus on ensuring credibility and structural integrity through collaboration with an international credit rating agency.


Regulated Tokens on Public Blockchains:

While numerous US Treasury and money market funds have been tokenized on public blockchains, the distinction lies in the regulatory oversight. Libeara’s collaboration with Fundbridge ensures a regulated route for the tokenization of government funds, providing enhanced credibility compared to unregulated issuers in the market. The tokens issued as part of this initiative will adhere to regulatory standards.


Founder’s Expertise and Standard Chartered’s Influence:

Aaron Gwak, drawing on more than 13 years of experience at Standard Chartered Bank, particularly as the Head of Capital Markets ASEAN, brings a wealth of expertise to Libeara. The startup, incubated by SC Ventures, emerged from Standard Chartered’s participation in the 2021 Global CBDC Challenge, demonstrating the institution’s commitment to fostering innovative solutions in the digital asset space.


Three Pronged Approach to Use Cases:

Libeara positions itself to address three primary use cases. Firstly, it supports regulated managers in the tokenization of funds, exemplified by its collaboration with Fundbridge. Secondly, the platform aims to collaborate with governments to issue native bond tokens. Lastly, Libeara functions as a versatile security token issuance platform, catering to a broad spectrum of digital asset needs.


Integral Member of SC Ventures’ Digital Asset Portfolio:

Acknowledging the strategic importance of Libeara, Alex Manson, who leads SC Ventures, highlighted its position as a core member of the digital asset portfolio. The development aligns with the institution’s broader digital asset initiatives, complementing institutional-grade custody and exchange capabilities provided by Zodia Custody and Zodia Markets.


Expansion with $100 Million Digital Asset Joint Venture Fund:

In a parallel move, SC Ventures recently announced a significant expansion with a $100 million digital asset joint venture fund in collaboration with Japan’s SBI. This joint venture underscores the institution’s commitment to furthering digital asset innovation and collaboration on a global scale.



The collaboration between Libeara and Fundbridge Capital to tokenize a Singapore dollar government bond fund exemplifies the convergence of traditional finance and blockchain technology. As regulatory oversight becomes a focal point in the tokenization landscape, this initiative sets a precedent for credible and regulated token offerings, marking a transformative step in the evolution of digital assets within the financial industry.

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