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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Series are Released on Ethernity Marketplace

In November of this year, football fever has overtaken the world as the FIFA World Cup is presently happening in Qatar! As a result of their split with EA Sports earlier this year, FIFA has leveraged the potential of Web3 for its mediocre games launched after their separation. Nevertheless, it looks like some of the world’s top players have joined the Web3 fun, since NFT sets bearing their identities have been produced. Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, two of the greatest names in football/soccer, have contributed to this.

Let’s examine these NFT series and their nature in further detail. Ronaldo is often in the news throughout the prevailing football season due to his conflict with Manchester United. Notwithstanding these negative publicity, it is evident that Cristiano has collaborated with Binance to launch his personal NFT series.

These NFTs, dubbed “Cristiano Ronaldo: The NFT Collection,” are now available on the Binance cryptocurrency platform. Typically, NFTs are a battle to get, but there are three methods to acquire an unique CR7 for your crypto wallet. The NFTs are CGI-rendered sculptures of the guy himself, portraying some of his greatest professional achievements to date! Acquire a slice of footballing history by acquiring an unique CR7 NFT.

Based on budget, a variety of rarities (NFTs) are available:

  • Super Super Rare (SSR)
  • Super Rare (SR)
  • Rare (R)
  • Normal (N)

To begin, you must be a newbie of Binance and register using the website. By registering and validating your information within seven days, you will get a surprise NFT package from the series. Completely no cost whatsoever!

Secondly, you may bid on an NFT through the website for the on-site sale. Bid on an NFT that is Super Rare or Super Super Rare.

The third component is the “Subscription Mechanism.” It is here that players may invest tokens for the opportunity to acquire Common (C) or Rare (R) non-fantasy cards from the bundle. A similar idea to cryptocurrency staking is also offered on Binance.

This series is maintained by one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, although several celebrity-themed NFT offerings are not completely transparent. This gives investors peace of mind, since the initiative is completely genuine.

Holding certain collection rarities enables you to various privileges and benefits.

  • Normal = entries into giveaways for Ronaldo & Binance merchandise
  • Rare = Free NFT mystery box & entry into giveaways
  • Super Rare = Signed Ronaldo shirt, whitelist entry into future giveaways & giveaway entries
  • Super Super Rare = Virtual meeting with Ronaldo, Signed NFT statue, Signed shirt, whitelist entry for future CR7 giveaways, free CR7 mystery box & entries into CR7 merchandise

The aforementioned rewards are a wonderful addition from Binance. Be certain to check it out if you’re a football or Cristiano Ronaldo enthusiast! Additionally, Lionel Messi has entered the NFT business with his own series. The Ethernity Blockchain provides users with a glimpse of the promised “Messiverse” metaverse experience!

The series was created by the Australian designer Bosslogic, who has previously collaborated with the internationally known Avengers series. It is made up of 3 separate NFTs, each with a distinct name allocated to it. This is the initial section of the collection. It depicts Lionel Messi as a cyborg, as though he is figuratively a cyborg while he is on the field. It is hardly surprising that he has been portrayed in this manner by Bosslogic, considering he has scored an astounding 750 goals for both FC Barcelona and his native Argentina.

This second collection is a pun on the Greek deity Atlas. He is shown as a powerful leader who bears the burden of the planet on his shoulders. A similar concept to how Messi leads both his club and nation to success over their opponents. Bosslogic’s artwork accentuates the realism of the textures and hues of this particular NFT, resulting in stunningly realistic details.

The third item of this Messi NFT series depicts him on a chessboard, flanked by chess pieces that are significant in the game. Consequently, Messi is seen as the King, the component that determines who wins and who loses. Messi is carrying the Ballon d’Or trophy, which he has won six times in all. It is the most desired prize in soccer/football, demonstrating that he is the master of the sport.

This NFT series is easily obtainable on their webpage Ethernity store. Even though this series has been available for sometime, the secondary market for this venture is alive and well. It is not as affordable as the Ronaldo series, but if you are a Lionel Messi fan, you should certainly look out this NFT bundle!

If you’re not interested in the secondary market, you are all in luck, since Messi has another series scheduled for offering in December through Ethernity! The title of this series is “The Time Machine Collection.” This series is presently accepting submissions through the Ethernity website!

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