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Macy’s Introduces mstylelab: An Innovative Fashion Engagement Platform

Macy’s, the renowned American department store chain, has unveiled a novel engagement platform known as “mstylelab.” This innovative platform represents a significant leap into the future of fashion by seamlessly merging the physical and digital worlds to create cutting-edge experiences. According to a press release, “mstylelab aims to redefine fashion as a canvas for innovation, blending technology and immersive environments to empower discovery, self-expression, and connectivity.”


Accessible through any device and web browser, mstylelab invites the public to join its community, create personalized usernames, acquire unique digital items, and participate in its first activation—an immersive fashion experience built on the metaverse technology platform known as Journee.

Macy’s Ventures into the Future of Fashion with a Blend of Physical and Digital Realms

Dave Torres, Vice President of Interactive Marketing at Macy’s, expressed his excitement regarding the launch of mstylelab, emphasizing that it represents the next evolution of Macy’s Web3 digital strategy. He noted that mstylelab serves as a hub for style inspiration and discovery, situated at the intersection of fashion and technology. As the platform continues to grow and evolve, new activations and experiences will be introduced, fostering immersive storytelling centered around fashion and style within an engaging and shoppable environment.


Erika Lang, Head of Americas at Journee, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Macy’s and the opportunity to showcase the future of fashion retail. She described this metaverse activation as a unique and immersive experience designed to reach a broader audience. Lang underscored that consumers seek multiple touchpoints across various platforms to seamlessly integrate immersive virtual experiences into their customer journey, and this innovative technology is poised to propel the fashion industry, and others, into its next phase.

Journey into the Future of Fashion: Macy’s mstylelab Fosters Innovation and Immersive Experiences

The concept of reaching consumers where they are and offering new ways to shop and interact with one another is recognized as vital in deepening the relationships between consumers and brands, particularly in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Macy’s mstylelab is poised for continuous evolution, with plans to introduce new immersive experiences and form strategic partnerships in the future. Later this year, as the holiday season gains momentum, the current activation will transition to spotlight the next iteration of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade metaverse experience.


In conclusion, Macy’s mstylelab represents a significant step towards the future of fashion by pioneering a platform that bridges the physical and digital realms. With a focus on technology, immersive experiences, and the empowerment of self-expression and discovery, mstylelab offers a unique space for individuals to engage with fashion in innovative ways. The collaboration with Journee’s metaverse technology is a testament to Macy’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge solutions and fostering a deep connection with consumers. As mstylelab continues to evolve and introduce new experiences, it will likely redefine the way we engage with fashion and style, creating an exciting and interactive space for fashion enthusiasts. Macy’s commitment to innovation in the digital era is clearly demonstrated through initiatives like mstylelab, which promise to reshape the future of fashion engagement.

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