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Props Gratis: A Breakthrough Tool Empowering Creators and Brands

Props Labs, a dynamic product and innovation studio operating at the crossroads of digital fandom, art, design, and engagement, has made a significant announcement. They have introduced Props Gratis, a groundbreaking tool designed to empower creators, builders, and brands in monetizing their work. Central to this innovative tool is the Gratis 721A Smart Contract, offering artists and brands the capability to establish private branded sites to engage with their audience, partake in protocol fees, and receive tips while minting on a range of blockchain platforms including Polygon, Ethereum, or Base.

One of the primary advantages of the digital collectibles landscape is the concept of creator royalties. This structure enables artists to generate passive income every time their works are resold. However, recent developments have seen significant digital art platforms choose to no longer enforce royalty fees, thereby eliminating the mandatory collection of resale fees for artists. While these platforms argue that this change helps attract buyers, it leaves creators shouldering the burden. This shift not only diminishes the intrinsic value of creators but also hampers their ability to craft intricate, dynamic works and manage their businesses comprehensively.

Innovative Smart Contract Unleashes New Opportunities for Monetization and Control

As the number of marketplaces embracing creator royalties dwindles, Props Gratis emerges as a novel solution. It offers a free-claim tool and smart contract that paves the way for creators to monetize their work through shared processing fees and the allocation of tips collected from collectors. In essence, Gratis provides creators and brands with the flexibility to offer free claims, paid art editions, extensive generative collections, and membership options to engage collectors and communities without the constraints of marketplace restrictions.

Bob Ullery, Managing Partner of Props Labs, highlighted the constant quest of creators to effectively monetize their craft. He noted, “With marketplaces increasingly hesitant to uphold the royalties defined in smart contracts, the urgency for fresh smart contract mechanics has never been greater. Props Gratis serves as a catalyst for creators to build their brand, engage with their audience, and secure their livelihood while driving innovation.”

Creator-Friendly Features of Props Gratis Revolutionize the Digital Art Landscape

Props Gratis brings forth an array of features designed to empower creators in monetizing their work:


Free for Creators: The Gratis workspace is offered to creators at absolutely no cost, enabling them to explore its potential without financial constraints.


Earn Fees: Collectors pay a modest protocol fee, with the entire sum going directly to the creator, ensuring that creators receive 100% of the fees.


Tip Collection: Creators receive 100% of tips directly from their collectors, enhancing their earnings.


Custom Mint Sites: Creators possess the ability to customize all aspects of the minting experience, including the option to place the mint site on their own domain or website.


Multi-Claim Pages: Creators can facilitate multiple mints across diverse blockchains, such as Polygon, Base, or Ethereum, all at once, enhancing the reach and accessibility of their offerings.


Creator-Owned Contracts: Creators have complete ownership of the smart contract, enabling them to transfer or upgrade it as needed, retaining full control.


Realtime Sales Segments: Creators can access real-time data on their audiences and the allocation of resources.


Friend.Tech Key Gating: Gating of mints based on people who own a key, ensuring controlled access to specific audiences.


Dynamic & Interactive Tokens: Creators can configure their tokens and metadata to evolve and change over time, enhancing the dynamic nature of their works.


On Behalf Minting: This feature allows creators to delegate contract ownership, revenue, and royalties to any wallet, streamlining the operational aspect of their businesses.


David DeVore, Co-Founder of Props Labs, expressed his concern over major marketplaces’ decision to no longer honor artist royalties. He pointed out that such a scenario would be unthinkable in the music industry, yet it has become an issue in the digital art space. The absence of royalties has a direct impact on creators’ recurring revenue, and Gratis aims to rectify this by enabling artists to generate more income.


Creators, artists, and brands interested in leveraging the capabilities of Props Gratis can explore the tool and gain early access through the Props Discord platform.


In summary, Props Gratis represents a transformative tool that addresses a critical need in the digital art landscape. As creator royalties face dwindling support, Props Gratis empowers creators by offering an innovative smart contract and a free-claim tool. This not only provides an alternative path to monetization but also allows creators to maintain control over their work and finances. The introduction of various features, from real-time sales data to dynamic tokens, ensures that creators have the tools needed to succeed in the evolving digital art ecosystem. This move underscores the commitment of Props Labs to enable creators to thrive in an environment that continues to undergo significant changes.

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