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Maison Margiela Ventures into Web3 with Gamified Collectibles

Avant-garde fashion house Maison Margiela has delved into the world of Web3 by introducing a gamified minting experience that merges fashion and technology, all through the unique Maison Margiela lens.


A Creative Confluence of Fashion and Technology


This innovative project revolves around the fusion of Maison Margiela’s numeric coding iconography with blockchain technology, enticing the brand’s followers to embrace digital collectibles. Maison Margiela’s customers now have the opportunity to collect 24 numbered digital tokens, ranging from 0 to 23. The twist is that the fastest collector within the 60-second countdown period secures the digital collectible. It’s important to note that Maison Margiela prefers to use the term “collectible” instead of “NFT” (Non-Fungible Token) in this context. Each of these tokens has a limited supply, and as the numbers increase, the supply decreases. For instance, ‘0’ boasts 15,000 collectibles available, while ’23’ only offers 742.


Each time a user successfully mints a number, the countdown restarts for all participants. These collectibles are expected to play a pivotal role in the upcoming stages of the Maison Margiela community roadmap, which is yet to be officially unveiled.


A Brief Pause and a Unique Approach


Originally scheduled to go live on October 23, the project faced an unexpected setback when it had to be temporarily closed due to the presence of bots. However, it was subsequently reopened to the public. A distinctive aspect of Maison Margiela’s venture into the Web3 space is its approach to ownership. Following in the footsteps of luxury fashion giant Louis Vuitton under LVMH, Maison Margiela has made each of these digital assets soulbound to its owner. In practical terms, this means that each token is non-transferable to other individuals. Moreover, all minting activities within the game are entirely free, with no gas fees applied.


A Pivotal Move for Maison Margiela and Web3


Maison Margiela’s foray into Web3 represents a significant step in the fashion industry. The presence of a globally-renowned brand in the virtual realm is contributing to the transformation of Web3’s reputation in high fashion. This shift is changing the perception of Web3 from a somewhat uncharted territory to a vibrant hub for community building within the fashion industry.


Over the past year, the OTB Group, the parent company of Maison Margiela, has made substantial investments in its digital strategies. Several esteemed brands under the OTB Group, including Diesel, Marni, and now Maison Margiela, have all established their own presence in the Web3 landscape.


Fashion powerhouses like LVMH and Kering are also exploring gamification in their digital activations to enhance their appeal. Stefano Rosso, a board member of the OTB Group, highlighted the transformative potential of gaming in the entertainment landscape earlier this year.


Balancing Authenticity and Digitization


Today, the challenge for fashion brands is to strike a balance between authenticity and digitization. They need to navigate the digital realm without diluting the fundamental elements that define their brand identity. Maison Margiela’s innovative project is a testament to the evolving landscape of fashion, technology, and Web3, as well as the continuous pursuit of creative and authentic engagement with their audience.

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