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Zero Hash and Shift4 Partner to Empower Web3 Merchants

Zero Hash, a leading crypto infrastructure platform, has announced a strategic collaboration with Shift4, an integrated payments and commerce technology platform. The partnership aims to empower web3 merchants by establishing a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp using Zero Hash’s comprehensive API.


A Unified Solution for Web3 Merchants


The key highlights of this collaboration are as follows:


Comprehensive Solution: Shift4 has seamlessly integrated Zero Hash’s turnkey crypto infrastructure, providing web3 merchants with a unified solution that combines both fiat and crypto capabilities.


Identity Verification: Shift4 has harnessed Zero Hash’s customer identity verification-as-a-service, ensuring the secure and compliant onboarding of users for crypto services.


Customizable On-Ramp: By leveraging Zero Hash’s complete API stack, Shift4 enables merchants to seamlessly integrate and customize a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp directly into their checkout process.


Addressing Challenges in the Web3 Landscape


The web3 landscape has seen a proliferation of products and service providers, leading to challenges related to approval rates and high fees. In response to these issues and with the goal of providing web3 merchants with a streamlined and efficient solution, Shift4 has joined forces with Zero Hash.


Pietro Moran, Director of Crypto at Shift4, emphasized the need for a trusted partner to enhance their onboarding process for crypto merchants. After evaluating available solutions, they identified Zero Hash as the ideal fit due to its expertise, innovation pace, and overall capabilities.


Zero Hash’s End-to-End Crypto Infrastructure


Zero Hash operates as a B2B2C crypto infrastructure platform, simplifying the integration of digital assets into various customer experiences through API endpoints. They manage the intricate back-end operations and regulatory compliance required for offering crypto products. The company and its subsidiary entities cater to neo-banks, broker-dealers, payment groups, and non-financial brands, enabling them to provide services such as digital asset trading, custody, and crypto-backed rewards.


With support from investors including Point72 Ventures and Bain Capital Ventures, Zero Hash is registered as a Money Service Business in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Their collaboration with Shift4 underscores the convergence of traditional and crypto financial services, ultimately benefiting web3 merchants and advancing the adoption of digital assets.


Edward Woodford, Founder and CEO of Zero Hash, highlighted the significance of this partnership with Shift4. He expressed his belief that embedding crypto infrastructure into trusted brands like Shift4 is essential for ushering in the next wave of adoption and unlocking utility for web3 merchants. He also emphasized the validation received from global innovators who entrust Zero Hash with their critical crypto infrastructure.


The partnership between Zero Hash and Shift4 reflects the growing synergy between traditional financial services and the rapidly evolving world of web3, ultimately creating new opportunities and possibilities for merchants and consumers alike.

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