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Mastercard Unveils Web3 ‘Pass to Priceless’ Platform: NFT Trivia Game for UEFA Fans

In a groundbreaking move, Mastercard has introduced a novel Web3 platform, ‘Pass to Priceless,’ featuring an NFT-based trivia game designed for UEFA Champions League fans. This real-time quiz game offers participants a chance to showcase their football knowledge, earn collectible digital passes, and potentially win tickets to the UEFA final at Wembley Stadium.


Mastercard’s Web3 Foray:


Launching ‘Priceless,’ a Unified Web3 Experience


Mastercard’s venture into the Web3 space takes the form of a dynamic real-time quiz game, a key component of the newly unveiled platform, ‘Priceless.’ This innovative platform brings together Mastercard’s Web3 assets, offering a distinctive experience tailored for football enthusiasts and digital collectors alike.


Digital Collectibles through NFTs:


Mastercard x UEFA Champions League-Branded Digital Passes


Players engaged in the trivia game can acquire exclusive Mastercard x UEFA Champions League-branded digital passes by correctly answering trivia questions. These passes, issued as NFTs, serve as unique digital collectibles, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans.


Participating in the NFT Trivia Competition:


Mastercard Cardholders in Select Countries Eligible


The NFT trivia competition is open exclusively to Mastercard cardholders in specified countries during the UEFA tournament. Commencing 30 minutes before each UEFA Champions League round of Tuesday fixtures, participants engage in quizzes, with winners receiving UEFA Champions League match tickets and climbing the leaderboard. The leaderboard topper after the semi-finals secures the grand prize – tickets to the final at Wembley Stadium in London.


Web3 in the Sports Landscape:


‘Pass to Priceless’ Signals a New Era in Fan Engagement


Mastercard’s ‘Pass to Priceless’ platform signifies a remarkable development at the intersection of sports and Web3 technology. As Mastercard extends its presence into the digital realm, both fans and collectors can anticipate more immersive and innovative experiences, blending the excitement of football fandom with cutting-edge technology.


Collaborations in the NFT Space:


Further Industry Partnerships Emerge


Beyond Mastercard’s initiative, the NFT space witnesses additional collaborations among major players. Sotheby’s Metaverse has joined forces with Kresus Wallet for NFT auctions, while Bybit Web3 and UniSat collaborate on launching an integrated inscription marketplace for BRC-20 tokens.


Looking Ahead in the Web3 Era:


Exciting Opportunities for Fans, Collectors, and Businesses


As the landscape of digital collectibles and Web3 technology continues to evolve, it is evident that the future holds exciting prospects for fans, collectors, and businesses. Mastercard’s foray into Web3 with ‘Pass to Priceless’ sets a precedent for innovative engagement in the sports domain, promising a dynamic intersection of technology and fandom.

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