Immutable and LiquidX Unveil Pixelmon’s Ambitious Journey on zkEVM Feb 13, 2024 Feb 13, 2024 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Immutable and LiquidX Unveil Pixelmon’s Ambitious Journey on zkEVM

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Immutable, a prominent web3 gaming platform, announced a strategic partnership with LiquidX, the creative force behind the reimagined battle arena game Pixelmon. Set to launch on the recently introduced Immutable zkEVM, Pixelmon aims to establish the world’s first decentralized intellectual property (IP) for monster capture and combat, embarking on a four-part relaunch roadmap.


Pixelmon’s Journey with LiquidX Leadership:


Giulio Xiloyannis Leading Pixelmon’s Transformation


Under the new leadership of LiquidX co-founder Giulio Xiloyannis, Pixelmon is gearing up for an exhilarating monster combat experience. Xiloyannis, leveraging over a decade of experience leading digital brands like Zalora, has assembled Pixelmon’s core developer team and invigorated its community of over 200,000 followers. As the second-highest gaming NFT by transaction volume on OpenSea, Pixelmon continues to generate high anticipation among web3 gamers.


Empowering Pixelmon with Immutable zkEVM:


Innovative Features and Support for Pixelmon’s Ambitious Roadmap


Pixelmon’s ambitious roadmap will be powered by Immutable zkEVM, with support from Polygon. This collaboration provides custom smart contract support, advanced gameplay mechanics, tokenomics, and an efficient trading experience—addressing a crucial pain point in the gaming industry. Designed specifically for gaming, Immutable zkEVM streamlines web3 game development, allowing developers to utilize existing toolkits and ease the transition into the realm of web3 game building.


Pixelmon’s Four-Part Relaunch Roadmap:


A Comprehensive Approach to Monster Combat and Decentralized Gaming


Pixelmon’s relaunch roadmap unfolds in four stages, beginning with the release of hypercasual web games, followed by the introduction of PvP and PvE combat modes. Subsequent stages include the launch of an open-world RPG and culminate in the creation of a fully decentralized multiplayer metaverse owned by the Pixelmon community. The stages are detailed as follows:


Stage One: Hypercasual games – Kevin The Adventurer (release in Q4 2023) and PixelPals, set for launch later this month.


Stage Two: Battle Arena Mode – enables players to pit Pixelmon against each other in PvP combat and PvE horde combat mode.


Stage Three: Hunting Ground – open-world RPG gameplay and an airdrop for the game’s governance token.


Stage Four: Fully decentralized multiplayer open-world adventure and monster combat arena.


Immutable’s Enthusiasm for Pixelmon’s Arrival:


Robust Support from Immutable for Pixelmon’s Web3 Gaming Odyssey


Robbie Ferguson, President and Co-Founder of Immutable, expressed immense excitement about welcoming Pixelmon to Immutable zkEVM. Highlighting Pixelmon’s incredible turnaround story, Ferguson emphasized its focus on delivering a seamless user experience, identifying it as one of the key games driving mainstream activity in 2024.


Rewarding Pixelmon Supporters:


Pixelmon’s Right-of-Game System and Generation One NFT Collection


To show appreciation to their loyal supporters, Pixelmon plans to launch a Right-of-Game (ROG) system tied to its Generation One NFT collection. Holders of these NFTs will unlock special in-game rewards and benefits, creating an innovative and rewarding experience for the Pixelmon community.


Conclusion: A Web3 Gaming Revolution Unfolds with Pixelmon and Immutable:


Anticipating the Fusion of Innovation and Decentralized Gaming


Immutable’s strategic partnership with LiquidX, coupled with Pixelmon’s dynamic relaunch roadmap, signals a new era in web3 gaming. As the Pixelmon community eagerly awaits the unfolding stages, the collaboration promises to redefine the landscape of decentralized intellectual property and monster combat, setting the stage for a thrilling and immersive gaming experience.

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