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NexGami’s Web3 Revolution: Blending Tradition with Blockchain Gaming

In the 1980s, Japan witnessed a fierce competition among gaming console manufacturers, each highlighting the computing and programming capabilities of their devices. The battle seemingly had no end until Nintendo launched its first home FC gaming console in July 1983. Unlike others, Nintendo’s approach emphasized the sole purpose of gaming, marking a significant shift in the industry.


Legacy of Timelessness and Perfection:


Nintendo’s Longstanding Success Principle


Nintendo’s success lies in its centuries-old principle of focusing on the essence of gaming itself, striving for timelessness and perfection in their unique products. Despite criticism suggesting resistance to change, legendary Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi emphasized the importance of remaining true to the core concept of gaming.


Web3 Visionary Inspired by Nintendo:


Brice’s Journey from Game Industry Success to NexGami


Brice, the founder of the Web3 gaming platform NexGami, draws inspiration from Nintendo’s philosophy. As a successful figure in the game industry, he led a team to achieve the highest monthly revenue in China’s mobile gaming market. Sharing Nintendo’s belief that games must be “fun to play,” Brice transitioned to Web3, driven by a desire for innovation in an evolving gaming landscape.


The Birth of NexGami:


Innovative Ideas for a Web3 Gaming Platform


Acknowledging the issues within the gaming industry, Brice envisioned a Web3 gaming platform that goes beyond traditional gaming. NexGami, based on the Polygon network, emerged as a Web3 version of Steam and Twitch combined. The platform encourages deep player interaction, governance participation, decision-making, and even income generation through advertisements, fostering a more engaged community.


Token Economics Revolution:


Transforming Game Profits Distribution


Recognizing challenges in traditional game publishing, Brice introduced Token economics to NexGami. This innovative approach enables direct distribution of game profits to developers, players, and contributors, promoting decentralized distribution. The introduction of Token economics aims to enhance fairness, transparency, and creativity within the gaming ecosystem, simplifying revenue distribution and motivating stakeholders.


Navigating the GameFi Wilderness:


NexGami’s Three-Step Approach to Success


Brice acknowledges the challenges within the Web3 game market, emphasizing NexGami’s unique three-step approach. This method involves attracting crypto users, introducing traditional game users, and providing a rich service system. The focus is on balancing the ‘Play to Earn’ mentality with traditional game enthusiasts, fostering a unique community ecology with guilds playing a pivotal role in attracting traditional users.


Balancing Innovation and Stability:


NexGami’s Commitment to Long-Term Development


Brice emphasizes the importance of balancing innovation with stability, drawing parallels to Nintendo’s approach of avoiding rushing product development. While acknowledging the ‘wilderness’ of the Web3 game market, Brice remains confident in NexGami’s potential, leveraging the transformative possibilities of blockchain to bring a new game experience.


Aiming for Transformative Game Experiences:


NexGami’s Idealized Vision for the Future


In alignment with Nintendo’s philosophy, NexGami’s project, led by Brice, idealizes finding a way out for the declining traditional game industry. While embracing Web3, Brice believes in the transformative potential of blockchain technology, emphasizing its importance in solving traditional gaming issues and bringing revolutionary gaming experiences.


Conclusion: NexGami’s Journey Continues:


Staying True to the Love for Games


In the vast landscape of the gaming industry, NexGami, inspired by Nintendo’s enduring principles, embarks on a journey to redefine the Web3 gaming experience. Brice and his team, passionate about games, remain committed to their initial heart, aiming to blend tradition with innovation and contribute to the evolution of the gaming landscape.

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