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Bitcoin NewsJuly 1, 2022 by Kelly Cromley

Minima’s Cooperative Blockchain Network Surpasses Bitcoin’s Node Count

Minima, the collaborative blockchain network that allows anybody to operate a full node on a mobile and IoT gadget, has surpassed 120,000 comprehensive nodes spanning 183 countries, therefore exceeding Bitcoin’s node number and dispersion. Minima can be hosted on just about any mobile and IoT gadget.

Minima has accomplished this by making it as easy as installing an app to operate a full node, which verifies and generates its blockchain. This makes it possible to establish a truly decentralized network that is scalable and participatory while also still maintaining its security and resilience.

Minima’s blockchain is currently distributed throughout an ever-increasing count of devices, which makes it more difficult for a bad attacker to take control of the system. The exponential increase of Minima’s node tally will make its system more resilient to breaches, as the greater number of nodes implies that its blockchain is currently distributed throughout more devices.

Minima’s ultra-lean blockchain makes it possible for anybody to operate a comprehensive node by downloading the application. This gives individuals the ability to work together to create a more robust foundation, which will eventually support the growth of an environment of completely decentralized applications where everybody can work together on a level footing.

Any decentralized blockchain network must have comprehensive nodes as its fundamental support structure. Without them, difficulties would occur as the worth of the tokens continues to climb and as it gets more complex and costly to maintain a node. This will lead to the formation of a specialized group of miners or stakers who will have enormous control over a platform.

Hugo Feiler, founder and chief executive officer of Minima, has said that “people will only be able to genuinely experience the advantages of total decentralization-enabled freedom and wealth when anyone can operate the same variant of the blockchain, without any hierarchy.”

Minima were established in London in 2018, and it has developed a lightweight blockchain framework that can operate on mobile or Internet of Things devices. This makes it possible for any user to operate a complete creating and verifying node on the network. Minima has opened the door to the potential of running a truly decentralized network that is expandable and encompassing while still maintaining its security and resiliency as a result of its use of this methodology.

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