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Market NewsOctober 17, 2022 by Kelly Cromley

MLIKI Integrates OKX Chain for Quick Processing of NFT Trades

The hybrid marketplace MLIKI has announced its integration with OKX Chain. MLIK said in a blog post that the OKX cryptocurrency exchange’s blockchain has been added to its list of supported networks.

As stated in the release, the integration would facilitate cheaper minting and trading of NFTs on the MLIKI NFT market. This indicates that consumers will not be required to pay excessive fees for the aforementioned actions. Additionally, it will let users pick OKC Chain from their Web 3.0 wallets like as Metamask. Users will connect directly with the MLIKI NFT market to trade and store digital valuables.

Moreover, the NFT marketplace will use unique OKC characteristics to better serve its consumers. The OKC is a compatible EVM and IBC L1 blockchain built on Cosmos. The blockchain is intently focused on full interoperability and optimal performance. Using OKX Chain, the MLIKI marketplace will now execute transactions rapidly.

In addition, the OKX Chain’s excellent scalability enables it to let developers construct and grow for a low gas price. Notably, the OKC can do around 5000 transactions per second. MLIKI NFT Marketplace will rely on this function to efficiently cut operating expenses. In addition, OKC Chain employs a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus process. The OKT token is the blockchain’s native currency.

The MLIKI team expressed complete confidence in the development’s success in the announcement. The team said that the integration of OKC is one of the many upcoming partnerships. Additionally, MLIKI said that its existence on the OKX chain will draw additional producers and collectors to its ecosystem. The team claimed that the partnership will accommodate innovators wishing to construct Web 3.0 and contribute to its development.

The partnership between MLIKI NFT Marketplace and OKX Chain is suitable with its evolution towards Web 3.0 for MLIKI NFT Marketplace. This is because the OKX Chain ecosystem and infrastructure offer a unified Web 3.0 interface for many chains. Therefore, facilitating an environment that is user-friendly for developers and users. MLIKI, like many companies in the cryptocurrency industry, is focused on researching the Web 3.0 realm and establishing itself as an industry powerhouse.

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