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NFT Market Place for Erotic Art Debuts with Million Dollar Sale

The NaftyArt NFT marketplace will formally open today, with Erotic Artists and Adult content producers finally coming into play. For a long period of time, erotic artists and adult content producers have struggled to have their works prominently displayed on major NFT markets.

Many artists have had their artwork deleted because it includes nudity, or they have been shadowbanned, preventing prospective purchasers from seeing their artwork. NaftyArt, which is a portion of the Nafty ecosystem of Adult-focused platforms, is an NFT marketplace oriented especially at Erotic Art and adult content producers.

The platform has been fully operational since August, and artists and creators from all over the globe have started submitting their NFTs, with many already selling. The artist identified on the site as “Interdit,” the French term for prohibited, has reported a sale of slightly less than $1 million USD.

The unnamed artist from the Middle East will never be allowed to exhibit his sexual artwork since its actual content is considered a sin. His 69-card Kama Sutra collections piqued the interest of a private bidder, who went on to acquire the whole series.

“I’ve been working on my art in private for years, so now getting the chance to exhibit it is amazing. I never imagined it would sell so fast and for such a large sum of money. It is really a wonderful experience.”

Interdit is not the only one on the site, as popular Erotic artists such as Little Dragon and Lily Hendrickson (aka Amber Chase) have their works listed on NaftyArt. Together with conventional artists, the platform has a huge collection of Adult Work producers including Eva Elfie and Tera Patrick who use NFTs to monetize their material.

The recent statement from fansite Onlyfans about their restrictions on explicit material increased this kind of content monetization. Even though the idea was later reversed, several adult content producers are seeking for a much more safe way to monetize their work, shifting away from conventional sites and toward cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technologies such as Nafty’s network of platforms and adult token.

“We are pleased and thrilled to have created an environment of platforms that, together with the Nafty Token, provide creators leverage and earning possibilities. Finally, they may be well compensated without having to give up significant portions of their fees.” Nafty CEO Rob Kemenyfi said

The advantages for creators are many; NaftyArt is not a substitute for fan site money; rather, it is a whole new cash source. NFTs enable fans and collectors to exclusively own a piece of material whose authenticity can be traced back to the author through a smart chain contract. With auction bidding accessible on NaftyArt, prices may skyrocket, resulting in frenzied buying from numerous admirers.

Being on the blockchain implies that if a fan chooses to sell their bought piece of information, the creator will still get a royalty on the selling price, and this will happen for each and every sale of that item in perpetuity; it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The uniqueness of the sale implies that the fan has a stronger connection with the artist; unlike a fan website where everyone who buys views the very same stuff, this unique item may be theirs and do not belong to anyone else.

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