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Market NewsNovember 8, 2022 by Kelly Cromley

NFT Marketplace XOXNO Starts Supporting Fiat Payments

XOXNO has revealed the addition of fiat payments to its unified NFT marketplace, including acceptance of the Euro and the Romanian Leu. The MultiversX-based NFT marketplace was established at the beginning of 2022 and is presently recording a monthly trade volume in excess of $1,000,000 USD. Having having developed a robust NFT marketplace on the basis of EGLD token payments, XOXNO is broadening to support fiat transactions for all customers. The connection will enable users to purchase and trade NFTs utilizing EUR and the Romanian RON utilizing any card (Visa or Master).

In addition to buying and selling, users of the unified NFT marketplace will additionally be able to create fresh NFT assets using both fiat currencies. The connection, which was facilitated by Twispay, the biggest payment processing company in Romania and an XOXNO collaborator, is a major step towards expanding the usage of NFTs by contemporary fans.

XOXNO, formerly referred as Elrond, is the biggest NFT marketplace and aggregator on MultiversX. MultiversX is the initial blockchain covenant to integrate all three parts of sharding (state, network, and transaction) into an adaptive design that retains the maximum degree of scalability and safety. Consequently, XOXNO opted to construct an all-encompassing NFT marketplace using MultiversX’s powerful, scalable blockchain infrastructure.

The revolutionary marketplace of XOXNO provides consumers and producers with a vast array of tools, enabling them to do the impossible. As the primary NFT marketplace on MultiversX, all key tokens are accepted as a payment option.

Incorporated inside the marketplace is a method for the automated distribution of royalties on every NFT sale towards the creators. Even juicier for sellers is the fact that XOXNO has among the lowest costs for NFT sales, limited at 1%. Despite being in the NFT industry for less than a year, the XOXNO NFT marketplace now has a monthly trade volume in excess of $1,000,000 USD. With the anticipated platform enhancements, XOXNO is all-set for exponential growth next year.

The additional support for EUR and RON with Visa and Mastercard is the most recent addition to an already robust infrastructure. This implies that thousands of fresh customers from across the world may now be enrolled and have exposure to NFTs using more typical Fiat payment options.

The extra supporting functionalities augment an already remarkable set’s basis. These consist of:

  • Liquid sell offers
  • Peer to Peer NFT Swap
  • Bulk purchases of NFTs
  • Private offers
  • Bundle sells of SFT packs

The notion of NFT staking is a growing element in the Web3 business, and XOXNO has its own complex NFT staking pools with several possibilities and incentives. Users may now stake their NFT holdings to gain prizes including $EGLD. The marketplace also built complex graphs and aggregated information to provide consumers with an insight of the environment across all markets.

XOXNO has put an emphasis on NFT creators by introducing a self-onboarding springboard to facilitate the entire creative procedures. In addition to the fact that producers may now mint NFTs using fiat cash and any MultiversX tokens, XOXNO has evolved into a viable marketplace for cryptocurrency aficionados who like to purchase with their Visa or Mastercard.

The XOXNO NFT marketplace provides buyers, dealers, traders, and producers with a multitude of unique characteristics. A self-onboarding launchpad is an excellent feature for producers, and fresh fiat transactions are a game-changer for EU users who want to purchase, trade, or create their personal NFTs.

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