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Northlands College Launches Metaverse Campus, Pioneering Transformation in Education

Northlands College, a prominent educational institution with physical campuses in various locations, including La Ronge, Creighton, Air Ronge, and Buffalo Narrows, has added a unique dimension to its educational offerings with the introduction of the Northlands College Metaverse Campus. This development positions Northlands College as one of the few educational institutions in Canada to establish a comprehensive campus presence within the Metaverse, marking a remarkable milestone in the evolution of education and technology integration.


A Leap into Transformational Learning


The college has heralded this achievement as the dawn of a new era in transformative learning. It is part of the college’s broader vision for the “Year of Transformation” in 2023, a year dedicated to redefining its role as Northern Saskatchewan’s post-secondary institution.


Karsten Henriksen, President and CEO of Northlands College, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating that the “Year of Transformation” holds the key to the institution’s future. He asserted that Northlands College is not only showcasing leadership at a national level but also highlighting the innovation occurring in northern and remote communities, stretching from Northern Saskatchewan to the vast expanse of the Canadian landscape.


A Web-Based, Inclusive Metaverse Campus


The Metaverse Campus is a web-based, interactive platform that enables faculty and students to convene in the virtual realm. Henriksen explained that the primary objective of this initiative is to bridge the vast geographical distances of Northern Saskatchewan while fostering collaboration among learners, faculty, and staff for accessing educational resources and services.


Henriksen emphasized the significance of this move in the context of Northern Saskatchewan’s transition to a digital economy. He acknowledged the unique challenges posed by the region’s extensive geographic expanse, larger than many countries, and recognized the need for an unconventional approach to overcome these geographic barriers.


Enhancing Accessibility and Flexibility


The Metaverse Campus introduces several innovative features that benefit students, including the option to attend recorded virtual lectures. This flexibility allows learners from different time zones and those who are balancing work commitments to access experiential and “in-person” lectures at their convenience.


The Metaverse Campus is built on four foundational principles: community, support, innovative learning experiences, and the application of cutting-edge technology to enhance academic support. Henriksen underlined that these principles are integral to Northlands College’s vision for realizing its transformation objectives.


Empowering Staff and Northern Communities


The Metaverse Campus doesn’t solely serve students but also plays a crucial role in supporting staff spread across the northern region. In practical terms, this means that staff members no longer have to embark on lengthy journeys covering hundreds of kilometers to reach remote locations. Instead, they can conduct meetings and collaborate remotely, contributing to a more efficient and environmentally sustainable approach.


Northlands College has already witnessed a remarkable 19 percent increase in domestic enrollment, an achievement that is exceptional in the Canadian context. Henriksen explained that, unlike other institutions focusing on international student enrollment, Northlands College is dedicated to nurturing domestic learner enrollment, with a significant portion of its learners being Indigenous.


Year of Transformation: Self-Determination in the North


The “Year of Transformation” signifies a holistic approach to self-determination for Northern Saskatchewan. It involves a comprehensive assessment of the institution’s operations, seeking alignment with strategic goals. This year saw the launch of a new Strategic Plan, accompanied by a fresh vision and mission statement, including new institutional pillars. Importantly, the college actively engaged with elders and communities across Northern Saskatchewan to shape this plan, demonstrating a commitment to listening to the needs and aspirations of the region.


While Northlands College faced a significant enrollment decline of 57 percent since 2012, it responded to this challenge by moving away from a centralized approach and revisiting its core values. The result has been a substantial increase in enrollment, new industry partnerships, increased donations, and promising projects on the horizon, such as the forthcoming Cultural Centre in Creighton, Saskatchewan, designed to enhance applied research capacity and support the self-determination of northern residents.




Northlands College’s foray into the Metaverse with the launch of the Northlands College Metaverse Campus represents a bold step in redefining education and accessibility in Northern Saskatchewan. As a pioneering institution in Canada, it not only showcases technological innovation but also serves as a testament to the commitment to inclusivity and transformation in the educational landscape. The Year of Transformation, with its dedication to self-determination, sets the stage for Northlands College to continue pushing boundaries and meeting the diverse needs of learners in the North.

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