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Revolutionizing Loyalty Programs: The Payinnov, Giftoin, and Arlingo Partnership

In a significant stride towards the fusion of cryptocurrencies and traditional loyalty programs, the collaboration between Payinnov, Giftoin, and Arlingo has emerged as a transformative partnership. With the growing prominence of blockchain technology and NFTs, this union is poised to provide customers with an optimized, more gratifying, and notably secure shopping experience.


The objective of this cooperative venture is to usher in loyalty reward systems centered on NFTs and tokens, thus offering customers a distinctive and captivating means of engaging with their beloved brands and retailers.

Merging Cryptocurrencies with Traditional Loyalty Programs

The comprehensive payment solution crafted by Payinnov ensures the security and transparency of transactions, fostering a climate of trust between customers and merchants. Meanwhile, Giftoin’s advanced technology empowers the development of customized loyalty programs that mirror the distinct requirements and identity of each retailer. Finally, the incorporation of Payinnov’s payment solution through Arlingo streamlines cryptocurrency transactions and bestows rewards upon customers.


Philippe BLOT, the COO of Payinnov, conveyed his excitement about the collaboration by stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Giftoin, leading the way in harnessing blockchain technology and NFTs to enhance customer loyalty. This partnership also introduces Arlingo Marketplace to a groundbreaking rewards approach for its KOMM Token.”

A Pioneering Approach to Enhance Customer Loyalty and Shopping Experiences

Giftoin, an advocate of Web3 loyalty rewards and Web3 cashback, envisions these initiatives as catalysts for elevating customer engagement, fortifying customer retention, and amplifying sales. Aviv Katz, the CEO of Giftoin, affirmed their commitment, “At Giftoin, we believe in the power of Web3 loyalty rewards and Web3 cashback to drive customer engagement, boost customer retention, and increase sales. Our partnership with Payinnov and Arlingo represents a groundbreaking step toward revolutionizing the payment and loyalty industry.”


Arlingo, with its unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences, sees the integration with Payinnov’s cryptocurrency payment solution, in tandem with Giftoin’s distinctive approach, as a testament to their commitment to enhancing the shopping experience for valued customers. Kevin MADIBA, the Managing Director of Arlingo, echoed this sentiment, “Arlingo is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, and our integration with Payinnov’s crypto payment solution, in collaboration with Giftoin’s unique approach, is a testament to our dedication to providing new experience shopping for our valued customers.”


As the digital age continues to redefine the way businesses engage with their customers, loyalty programs have become an indispensable tool in building lasting relationships. In this era of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation, the collaboration between Payinnov, Giftoin, and Arlingo promises to reshape the landscape of loyalty rewards and payment systems.


The Evolution of Loyalty Rewards:

Loyalty reward programs have undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Traditional loyalty schemes, often reliant on points and discounts, have increasingly given way to more innovative and personalized approaches. With the advent of blockchain technology and NFTs, the possibilities for loyalty programs have expanded exponentially.


Payinnov’s Role in Security and Transparency:

Central to this collaboration is Payinnov’s 360° payment solution, a technology that ensures the security and transparency of transactions. By leveraging blockchain technology, Payinnov creates a foundation of trust between customers and merchants, mitigating concerns related to data security and transaction integrity. This technological underpinning is crucial for the success of loyalty programs based on NFTs and tokens.


Giftoin’s Customized Loyalty Programs:

Giftoin, renowned for its technological prowess, is at the forefront of crafting tailor-made loyalty programs. These programs are designed to align seamlessly with the unique needs and identity of each merchant. By harnessing the power of blockchain and NFTs, Giftoin offers an innovative approach to enhancing customer loyalty and engagement.


Arlingo’s Integration for Streamlined Shopping:

Arlingo’s role in this partnership is to facilitate the integration of Payinnov’s payment solution, thus simplifying cryptocurrency transactions for customers. The collaboration between these three entities not only introduces an enhanced shopping experience but also rewards customers for their engagement and loyalty.


The Vision and Commitment:

The leadership of Payinnov, Giftoin, and Arlingo is united by a common vision and commitment to revolutionize loyalty rewards and payment systems. The blending of blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency payment solutions promises to usher in a new era of loyalty programs, setting new industry standards.



The Payinnov, Giftoin, and Arlingo collaboration marks a significant leap forward in the world of loyalty rewards and payment systems. As blockchain technology and NFTs continue to shape the future of commerce, this partnership represents a pioneering effort to offer customers a more secure and rewarding shopping experience. With the seamless integration of cryptocurrency transactions and customized loyalty programs, the trio is poised to redefine the way customers interact with their favorite brands and retailers, ultimately enhancing customer loyalty and engagement.

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