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OneTo11 to Unveil Blockchain Based Play-To-Earn Gaming Platform

In the past decade, gaming and blockchain have both seen rapid development. A decade ago, the gaming sector outstripped Hollywood and US sports combined in market size, while blockchain and cryptocurrencies delivered the greatest returns in investment history.

OneTo11 is now combining these two cutting-edge technologies to create a blockchain-based gaming platform that will help unlock the full potential of Web 3.0. The biggest names in the gaming business have long held sway, making decisions and amassing wealth.

Gamers were forced to pay for the purchase of games, consoles, characters, weapons, and other assets as game makers promoted a “pay-to-play” economy. For the most part, if you want to play and win, you’ll have to be willing to spend all you’ve got.

As a result of utilizing blockchain’s decentralization feature, OneTo11 has developed a new economic structure that allows gamers to just play for fun while earning real money. As a result of joining the OneTo11 gaming environment, players are rewarded for their efforts and talents.

By permitting NFT production inside the game and allowing players to exchange NFTs on the built-in marketplace, OneTo11 accomplishes the Play-To-Earn model, where players may join for free and immediately start earning money. By using the Polygon network, the OneTo11 NFT framework can trade NFTs at a cheap cost while still completing transactions quickly.

Because OneTo11 includes a collection of various gaming applications including fantasy sports apps, casual gaming apps, gamified learning apps, and multi-player RPGs, it’s known as an ecosystem rather than a game. When a player prefers to move between games, they may do so with ease, and their wins will follow them from game to game thanks to the system’s single wallet.

Additionally, OneTo11 utilizes a lifetime affiliate compensation scheme to entice players to spread the word about the ecosystem within their social circles. It has taken OneTo11 less than 10 months to reach one million members by paying gamers for promotion rather than using the network as an advertising medium.

Gamer’s and investors’ alike have been coveting OneTo11 up till now. OneTo11’s private token sale (1To11) has been oversubscribed three times after its successful seed financing round. OneTo11’s core team is made up of India’s Noida-based serial entrepreneurs committed to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the entire gaming market.

This sector is expected to fully embrace blockchain for development and financial transactions, and we’re making it easier for individuals all around the globe to get on board with it quicker by making the process more straightforward.

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