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Platform Facilitating Cross-Chain Exchange of 7,500 Crypto Assets To Go Live on August on Aug 31

The present status of trading platforms is complicated, with limitations on crypto-related functionality. Using network bridges to move huge numbers of assets across various networks is one of the greatest challenges.

However, not every asset can be exchanged as bridges may support a dozen cryptocurrency pairings for trading. Rubic solves this problem by allowing the exchange of more than 7,500 assets spanning three blockchain ecosystem at debut.

Various projects are now developing their respective cross-chain systems and interconnected bridges. Although this has dramatically altered the world of DeFi, there are still problems when moving assets to some other network.

Even the most well-known bridges, such as the Binance Bridge, have many constraints that make the procedure challenging.

Every bridge contains a list of particular assets that may be swapped between networks, some of which have exchange limitations and time constraints.

Even if consumers want to exchange their tokens via bridges and DEXs, the procedure will be complex and time-consuming. For the basic process of moving assets between networks, the intricacy of swaps takes much too prolonged and is far too costly.

However, the days of complex cross-chain swaps are coming to an end. Rubic’s primary aim in DeFi is to bring all blockchain networks together and enable DeFi customers to quickly exchange all 7,500 assets in the simplest and most lucrative manner possible. We’ve developed a technology that will allow traders to rapidly and easily exchange any asset on just about any network.

The firm wants to incorporate additional blockchains such as Harmony, Solana, Fantom, and others in the near future. The ease of completing a transaction distinguishes Rubic from other alternatives on the market. Rubic combines the first (bridge) and second (exchange) stages into a single Swap, providing the optimal route while accounting for liquidity and gas costs.

The overall number of DeFi members has surpassed 3 million, and the previous year’s DEX transaction volume was $816 billion. Over the course of a week, the mean size of DEX traders is more than 200,000, with roughly 40% of them dealing with the issue of multi-step trades. With Rubic’s Cross Chain Routing system, we aim for excellent performance while meeting the requirements of over 50% cryptocurrency traders.

Rubic is a multi-chain DEX aggregator that offers immediate and cross-chain swaps for Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Harmony, Tron, and xDai, as well as limit orders, fiat on-ramps, and other features.

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