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Redlight Finance Unveils Layer 1 EVM Compatible Blockchain without Gas Fees

Redlight Finance, a tech firm that offers a comprehensive cryptocurrency technology solution, is launching Redlight Chain, a Layer 1 EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)-compatible blockchain with additional features.

By improving the gasless blockchain, Redlight Chain focuses on addressing the blockchain conundrum of scalability, decentralization, and safety. $REDLC is the governance token for the Redlight blockchain, which is addressing two main obstacles, namely gas pricing and traffic jams, via creativity and the addition of new features.

Redlight Chain is a Layer 1 EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compliant Blockchain ND that introduces groundbreaking modifications to the conventional EVM friendly blockchains. It is also a network that makes the world of cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone seeking a safe, decentralized, and scalable solution to an issue.

Additionally, the platform highlights the capabilities and advantages of Smart Contracts and NFTs. The majority of real-world businesses do not desire to pay gas fees to conduct transactions, hence $REDLC seeks to tackle the difficulties of conventional Blockchains. Along with its aim to build a blockchain-compatible EVM that focuses on scalability, decentralization, and safety, this is the venture’s core objective.

Scalability points to the ability of the Blockchain to sustain its transaction/block creation speeds and throughput as it gains users and expands into new sectors. For this reason, $REDLC enables the Blockchain to be incorporated into businesses that depend on the transfer or use of data from one activity to the next.

Being a gas-free Blockchain will allow us to reach sectors that might otherwise never considered Blockchain Integration. Additionally, $REDLC is completely gas free, not even 0.000001, or not staking a crypto token to gain another token to serve as gas, but 0 gas.

On $REDLC, decentralization is accomplished via validators (nodes) overseeing the data on the Blockchain, as opposed to a centralized body. Proof of Work (POW), Proof of Stake (POS), and Proof of Authority (POA) are the most common consensus protocols used by EVM-1 compatible blockchains.

$REDLC is classified as POA, a more sophisticated classification than POS. The “identification” of a validator removes the requirement to invest monetary value and acts as the stake.
In addition to security, upgradeability and adaptability are essential for any system to retain optimal security. The $REDLC leverages these components by maintaining a security staff to oversee network and server behavior.

In addition, $REDLC introduces the Pocket System. The Pocket System is a smart sequencing solution that enables the division of tasks to ease jam.

The Pocket System is able to automatically identify network threats and divert them to a distinct pocket for validation, without disrupting the remainder of the network.

Redlight Finance is a tech startup attempting to build a complete blockchain-powered cryptocurrency platform that functions as a gateway between the physical world and web3. They want to do this with their gasless blockchain.

By incorporating smart contracts, its gasless blockchain enables users to establish a utility case for conventional cryptocurrency investors.

In addition, since there is no gas cost on activities, Redlight Finance thinks that this will enable conventional enterprises that need big data of confidential information (such as healthcare and financial firms) to shift into web3 safely.

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