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Rockstar Alan Robert’s NFTs Debuts on Ethereum Blockchain

Although non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been since 2014, they have just started to break into the mass market, with an increasing number of popular personalities either acquiring them or developing their own. The newest celebrity to enter the metaverse is rocker-turned-best-selling-artist Alan Robert, whose heavily hyped NFT series Monster Chompers launched this week on the Ethereum blockchain.

Robert is known primarily for his almost three decades as the bassist and principal composer for the iconic rock band Life of Agony, which has sold more than million CDs worldwide. Additionally, Robert is the creator and artist of the internationally successful Beauty of Horror adult coloring book series, which is distributed by IDW/Penguin Random House.

Monster Chompers has been gaining popularity since its Whitelist presale began on Halloween, in the run up to the huge New York Fashion Week event. Robert created the series by himself and it is arbitrarily produced utilizing algorithms to create 10,000 distinct permutations. Robert created the digital artefacts in collaboration with Way Too Digital, the same outfit that worked on numerous high-profile ventures like Gary Vee’s Vayner NFT, NTWRK NFT,, and most lately, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s The Gimmicks.

Each non-fungible token has a unique set of characteristics that contribute to its rarity. There are several monster species to choose from, including vampires, werewolves, mummies, and zombies, and each character is represented munching an odd assortment of dishes from the All-Nite Eatery Menu. Spaghetti & Eyeballs, Rancid Ratatouille, and Spicy Shrunken Head Skewers are just a few of the delectables.

Apart from the draw of owning genuine artwork straight from the author, Monster Chompers is giving franchise chances to collectors of several NFTs from the collection. This innovative feature enables purchasers to profit from the brand’s success by receiving royalties on NFTs sold on the integrated Secondary Market. Franchise NFT holders will also have a say in future Monster Chompers items, including books, toys, and animation.

This groundbreaking collaboration between collectors and creators is poised to transform the arts and entertainment landscape. “It’s such an awesome event to be a member of the NFT community, since it really redistributes power to artists,” creator Alan Robert remarked. “With Monster Chompers, fans can own an actual piece of the company during its formative years and have a genuine creative influence in influencing its future direction. This is only the start, and I’m thrilled to go on this adventure with everybody!”

“Taking on the Monster Chompers venture has been a tremendous challenge for us,” Agustin Rodriguez, CEO of Way Too Digital, says. “It’s almost as if we were a cover band before and are now doing original material. For many years, our role in these sorts of initiatives has been to produce outstanding technology for well-known companies and people.
However, in such instances, we just completed our assigned tasks and went on to the next assignment. With Monster Chompers, our connection with Alan has been more collaborative, and our team has worked alongside him throughout the process.

Working closely with Alan over the past several months, we’ve realised that we all have the same enthusiasm and dedication to make this a big success. We’re committed to providing the best possible experience for our audience, which is why we’re continually introducing new features and upgrades to create something we’re all really proud of. Therefore, if the community appreciates Monster Chompers even half as much as we do, it is really thrilling for us… almost encourages me to take a leap!”

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