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Sandbox Group Partners with XDB Chain to Launch Exclusive Branded Cryptocurrency

Sandbox Group, a prominent player in the education publishing sector, has announced a strategic partnership with the user-friendly open-source blockchain, XDB Chain. This collaboration aims to power the development of an exclusive branded cryptocurrency that will soon be offered as a payment option to users of Sandbox’s diverse array of digital products and services available worldwide.


A Versatile Cryptocurrency:


The newly introduced cryptocurrency is being designed with versatility in mind. Its primary purpose is to serve as a medium of exchange, facilitating seamless transactions, exclusive rewards, and incentives for users. Sandbox Group emphasizes that the cryptocurrency’s core principles are rooted in security, decentralization, and transparency. These characteristics are expected to ensure the integrity of the ecosystem and inspire trust among its users.


Integration Across Sandbox Group’s Portfolio:


The cryptocurrency’s introduction will be seamlessly integrated into Sandbox Group’s extensive portfolio of brands and services. This portfolio includes Kidomi, an all-in-one super app, and Code Kingdoms, which offers online coding courses for children. By incorporating the cryptocurrency, Sandbox Group aims to enhance the user experience and offer its users new opportunities within the realm of web3, the decentralized internet. Additionally, special discounts and incentives will be made available to users, adding an extra layer of value to the offering.


XDB Chain’s Innovative Solution:


XDB Chain recently unveiled Branded Coins (BCOs), a technology that allows multiple brands to collaborate within the same technology stack. This innovation provides Sandbox Group with the capacity to deliver progressive benefits to its users. It not only enhances the user experience within the decentralized web but also offers unique discounts and incentives to enrich the user journey.


Words from the Leaders:


Sandbox Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, Shan Eisenberg, shared insights into the rationale behind the partnership, highlighting XDB Chain’s innovative approach to blockchain technology. This approach is specifically designed to onboard brands and harness the power of loyalty ecosystems, making it a perfect fit for Sandbox Group’s vision.


Daniele Mensi, CEO of XDB Foundation, emphasized the potential of this collaboration in addressing the challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry, notably mass adoption and user experience. He underlined the goal of encouraging widespread, legitimate acceptance of cryptocurrencies, leading to a broader range of real-world use cases. Integrating the new cryptocurrency into Sandbox Group’s product ecosystem, which boasts a user base reaching millions worldwide, is seen as a significant step in achieving this objective.




The collaboration between Sandbox Group and XDB Chain signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of the cryptocurrency landscape. By introducing an exclusive branded cryptocurrency that aligns with the principles of security, decentralization, and transparency, Sandbox Group is poised to provide its global user base with a versatile and engaging medium of exchange. The integration of this cryptocurrency into Sandbox Group’s portfolio, which spans education, entertainment, and digital services, is set to enhance the user experience and offer valuable incentives. Furthermore, XDB Chain’s innovative technology, including Branded Coins (BCOs), enables a deeper level of engagement and collaborative opportunities for brands within the blockchain ecosystem. This partnership reflects the cryptocurrency industry’s ongoing pursuit of mass adoption and improved user experience, driving it closer to a future where cryptocurrencies play a pivotal role in everyday transactions and activities.

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